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December 2009

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Taiyo, the SOY baby

Almost three months later, Taiyo is fast growing. In this picture at Thanksgiving, he was a tad smaller than my 15-pound turkey, but now he already doubled his birth weight. He's already fitting into 6-months olds' clothing. These days he's busy talking in Teletabbish language- he's probably totally making sense in his own world. Everyday he's busy talking, smiling, laughing, entertaining everyone around him. On our shopping round, he's greeted with lots of smiles and affection- it's amazing how people love to see a baby like they've never seen one! Although of course he is a real cutie. (of course mommy thinks so.) He spends most of the time at the restaurant with me. Mark even takes him to a delivery sometimes. All my employees enjoys tickling him to make him smile. Tomomi said his smile is so cute, it gives her goosebumps. My friends and customers sometimes stop by just to hug him. Erin admits that my baby is so addictive. Some days are hard, but some days are easy, and fortunately he's mostly a good sleeper. Some nights he spends a few hours at Nana Rosa who calls him "Papi." The air is getting cold, but he's taking it pretty well, like his mommy, and we'll be ready to go running as soon as I get my jogging stroller. Yes, he's already the famous SOY baby!
on december 15, 2009 @ 01:49 am [link]

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