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November 2010

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marathon eve

Last weekend was his second Halloween. He refused to wear any 'costume' but I managed to snap a few pictures with bats over his head. He's fast growing: learning to press buttons, pull zippers, unscrew caps, play the harmonica, and so on. Today he said 'hot' when he put a piece of hot potato in his mouth. Such little things are so fascinating and absolutely entertaining. Now he would bring a menu to you if you walk into the restaurant. Although he's already showing a strong temperament of a two year old, he's still the cutest being. It's the marathon eve, and a few people asked me if I'm running tomorrow. Sadly, no. Some friends are totally willing to offer help if I want to run next year, but right now every day, every moment I spend with my baby is so precious I don't know if I want to sacrifice it. But very tempting. In the morning when I see the race across the bridge, I know I would say again 'it's not as much fun to watch it as running it.' Good luck to all runners and I know you'll have that chill when you hear the gun at the start line.
on november 7, 2010 @ 12:57 am [link]

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