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November 2004

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Remains of turkey

Where did my weekend go? Back to work today after a few days off. My turkey came out really nice. I had some more left over for lunch today, and it was still good. I was thinking to make today's special 'Leftover turkey dinner,' but I'll be making chunky turkey soup instead. It's tiring holiday, whether or not you're cooking, but I do love Thanksgiving. Good excuse to invite people over and feast.

It feels like it was just a slightly extended sunday. I went to MOMA, went to see the new Almodovar movie, hang out with my friends, laundry, bookkeeping.. I did a lot, but it was only half of what I wanted to accomplish. I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I was able to sleep a lot too, for a change.
on november 29, 2004 @ 04:15 pm [link]

Thinking Turkey

Turkey day is almost here, and I'll be roasting my first turkey! And when I say turkey, I mean REAL MEAT, not tofu-key, nor the country of southwest Asia and southeast Europe between the Mediterranean and the Black seas. My friend Michelle and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner and I'll be in charge of the big bird. Then after the day of feast I'll take the whole weekend off to digest all the food. I'm serious. I'm already getting full thinking about stuffing the turkey and roasting it all day long. It's a serious business.
on november 24, 2004 @ 12:43 am [link]

wired, again

My new wireless gadget already failed after one month, and was sent back to their vault in Houston, Texas. Therefore, I've been wired again, and it feels like such an inconvenience, although it's not terribly a big deal. I'm just not able to move from one corner of a room to the other freely. New technology improves your life slightly, but disables you when taken away. It's hard to go backword.
on november 20, 2004 @ 05:28 pm [link]

winter landscape

In winter, prices of most of vegetables go up. But right now, it seems to be a shortage of tomatoes and peppers. One little green pepper cost me 2 dollars! Tomatoes are more than double in price, too. At least there's plenty of pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Today's sweet potatoes made really nice salad. And the weather is pretty mild this week, although many trees already lost their leaves in the East River Park; it's already looking pretty much like winter.

More flowers for my window; I went to the Union Square market this morning and picked up three little pots of mums. They brighten up the room.
on november 18, 2004 @ 12:37 am [link]

Fun at Home Depot

So much to do and so little time! Another weekend went like a blip; to make the most out of my little time on precious sunday, I stopped by Home Depot on 23rd Street. I love Home Depot. I could totally spend all day there. All those tools, screws, nuts and bolts! I was going to get just one little hook, but I ended up with 10 more items in my arms. And boy, did I enjoy the self-check out, where I scanned my prize (or purchase) one by one myself. Today, I cut the door sweep with my newly acquired hacksaw. My new hook by the door tells me to put my key chain there, so I won't freak out in the morning unable to locate my keys. Thank you, Home Depot. I love improvements.
on november 16, 2004 @ 12:57 am [link]


I'm watching Arafat's burial in West Bank on TV right now. The coffin swam across over excited men, shouting, and waving. It is the world in which I would never be. Gun shots are fired in the air. Siren in the background. It just seems so unreal, the image could as well be from 50 years ago, and I'd believe it.

This week felt like 'Post-marathon blues.' Finally facing the 'to-do list' which lengthened in the past few weeks, ("oh, I'll do it after the marathon..") I'm rather feeling overwhelmed. After three days of rest, I went out jogging yesterday. My legs weren't sore anymore, but were still tired, which made me feel a bit blue. Two weeks to Thanksgiving, which means that I wake up tomorrow and realize it's already 2005. Time flies. It's a blink of an eye.

Akiyo found a silver ring with a little stone on the floor tonight. It was a perfect fit on my finger. Freakishly perfect. I felt like Cinderella.
on november 13, 2004 @ 12:21 am [link]

Too hot to run

That was one of the excuse why I kind of bombed. I was running just under my target the first 10 miles. My teammates Shelley and Susan trotted away quickly. I was trying to follow another teammate Yumi, but I lost the sight of her by mile 8. After 10 miles, I couldn't pick up the pace. I wasn't exhausted or dehydrated, but my legs weren't turning. By mid-point at Pulaski Bridge I realized that I was far from running my best, so decided to relax and enjoy the race. Although I had to walk a minute before mile 25 because I was almost getting a cramp in my legs, I finished a little under 3 hours and 22 mintues. Not too bad.

It was just as exciting to see the enthusiasm of the people on the roadside. Lots of live music, lots of cheering. Sorry Margit, I didn't hear you! It's hard to spot friends unless I know exactly where they are. But I saw many of my teammates in bright orange jackets. Akiko cheered me near 125th Street. On the street walking away from the park, this woman with a little boy started talking to me. "You just ran the marathon? Congratulations!!! Jimmy, she just ran the marathon! She ran 26 miles! Aren't you gonna say congratulations?" The little boy was shy. Then she asked me how I was. I said I was fine. "Did you hear that? She said she's all right. And she's walking!" As if she would rather see me crawling on fours. Then I joined other crazy runners from my team to celebrate at our post-marathon gathering. When I went home I soaked in ice bath and shrieked. Afterwards I was feeling just fine, and felt guilty that I didn't totally burn myself out. Maybe I try harder next time.
on november 8, 2004 @ 05:12 pm [link]

My judgement day

So we've been crying and mourning over the result of the recent election here in New York. I've been conversing with friends that we often forget what America is like out there. This country is full of rednecks and conservative religious people. We take it for granted here in New York that we can bash Bush, oppose the war, protest Republicans, and hang out with gay people as we wish. They say New York is not America anyway. Maybe New York should be a commonwealth like Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, my judgement day is coming. End is near. Around 1:20 pm this coming Sunday. It's NYC Marathon! For your information, I've put together my estimated arrival time at each mile here for anyone who wants to come out and cheer for me. I will be wearing orange singlet and "SOY" headband.
on november 5, 2004 @ 01:44 am [link]

Judgement Day

Judgement day is here. I have no control over though, since I don't have a vote. I'm only a 'resident alien,' like I'm not a human. Maybe I'd feel more important if I did, but I'm not sure what difference it would make if I had to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich, as it was argued in South Park. (I must say it was another deeep episode..) Having Mr. what's his name in the office for four more years is neverthless scary. But the fact that a half of this country wants him in the office for four more years is equally scary. Therefore more beheading in Iraq. There was a long line going around the corner for the Haunted House across the street last night. If you like to be really frightened, you could just turn on the TV and watch the news as well..

I thought Halloween was such a fine holiday, though. It's non-religious, but commercial (which mean good for commerce? Definitely for candy business and costume business). This year I had an opportunity to walk around and observe the silliness of this wonderful occasion. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun being witches, Draculas, in a drag (usually pretty bad one too). And Elvises were sighted all over. So did Marilyn Monroes, and Uma Thurmans. There was a girl dressed as a giant penis. She had balls, indeed.
on november 2, 2004 @ 12:40 am [link]

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