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October 2007

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I was just not in the mood

As you may know, I have a restaurant. My business is to serve you, but I'm not here to kiss your behind. Hardly. If you come in with wrong attitude, you can easily piss me off. Most of my customers know how hard I work, so they are very patient. But this afternoon there was a wrong guy who came in with wrong attitude. "I came in a minute ago but nobody was helping me." I was doing an emergency work in the kitchen. "I was in the middle of something back there." He only wanted to get our fabulous ginger lemonade. I poured him one, and he looked at the cup and said, "That's it?" "What do you mean?" "You don't fill up to the top?" It was close enough to the top. He was pushing me off the edge. I snatched the cup and poured just a few more drops to into the cup. "That's all the way to the top for me." I was almost not give him anything. I wasn't expecting to be nagged by a stranger in my space. Then someone called me for delivery, but before placing the order she complained that miso soup wasn't full last time. I really wan't in the mood for dealing with such accusation. "Is that the portion you serve?" "Yes." That was the end of the conversation. She decided not to order, and I was happy not to deal with such customer. If you're not satisfied with what we do, please do not order from us. You may want to know also that we keep a black list on our system.
on october 24, 2007 @ 08:06 pm [link]

horror on suffolk street

Big news this weekend was that someone was found dead in the next building over. I was approached by news reporters all afternoon. The name didn't ring a bell, and I didn't know anything about the girl. They were looking for some dirt or tragic story behind it, that happened across the street from the popular haunted house in the hippest neighborhood in town. But obviously they didn't get much out of this news.
on october 21, 2007 @ 10:16 pm [link]

Quite blogworthy

Tuesday morning, I was out on my regular shopping rounds on the white delivery bike. On Delancey Street, traffic was heavy, plus trucks were standing along the curve, so I just turned onto the sidewalk. With respect to pedestrians, who would give me hard time sometimes if I'm on sidewalk with a bike, I went very slowly. Then I saw a police patrol car, but instead of jumping into the heavy traffic in front of the police car, I went a few yards further and got off the sidewalk past the police car. The police was blowing horn but didn't think twice that it was for me. So I kept going, quite slowly. I turned the corner and was parking in front of the chinese market on Clinton, when a police officer came running to me. "Didn't you hear me? I was honking at you." "What, me?" "You were riding on the sidewalk." "About 10 yards or so." "Where's your ID?" He snatched my ID and went back to the patrol car. I saw a Chinese man with a tiny folding bike by the car. "You got caught... for that???" What he had was not even like a real bicycle. Compared to his, mine was like a SUV, with thick tires and a large butcher basket and everything. Two cops were taking very long time to write us tickets. I was totally, totally, completely, utterly infuriated. The tickets we received didn't even have fines. We were to appear at the criminal court on January 2nd. My ticket said that I was riding bicycle on sidewalk in reckless manner. A total lie. I was no way reckless! There was no room for argument. And practically there's no way you can plead not guilty because you would not want to waste energy and money going to a trial. It's waste of my time and our precious taxpayers' money (including my little contribution). And how about that chinese guy with a miniature bicycle? Then there was a story about a guy who was arrested in 2004 for standing around on sidewalk in Times Square. He was arrested because he was not moving, and creating inconvenience to the other pedestrians who had to walk around him. Now, this was in Times Square, where you can't possiblely walk straight day or night, and this also happend at 2 am in the morning. He is now fighting in the state's highest court. It's just unbelievable that they are actually dealing with such a case in court. What a waste of time and money! It only proves that police are bullies of us innocent citizens instead of protecting us.
on october 18, 2007 @ 11:03 pm [link]

gearing up for the race

It was unusually warm again this afternoon. I could've turned on the air conditioner but I said to myself, "but it's October!" and refrained from it. Then it gotten rather chilly by early afternoon. When was the last time I turned on the air in October? Probably never. We've been still in need of it in the restaurant with bad air circulation. It's been really busy with my big race only four weeks away. Eighteen-mile race at dawn last weekend, and a half-marathon yesterday in 90 percent humidity. I ran perfectly even splits. Lots of new faces among my staff and that will totally keep me busy and crazy I have no time to worry about the rest of training. Just another week of heavy running. I went to check out the art installation at the old Essex market. It was spookier than the haunted house across the street, which I haven't checked out this year but have no intention to pay 30 dollars. Last year my friend had a fit of laughter while some girl was supposedly being tortured with a hand drill in front of us. I would recommend the art installation because it's free - you go through the old chinese take out restaurant I remember being closed at least for the last 13 years I've lived on Suffolk Street and then go through series of maze like doors that takes you around the building that once had a life, obviously. It was like walking through a ghost house or some kind of crime scene, then ends in: "it's a room full of sand!" as one of the explorer exclaimed behind me. Do not bring a beach towel because you are prohibited from going up on the slope of sand. It's an art work after all.
on october 8, 2007 @ 01:32 am [link]

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