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September 2009

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count down!

I've been saying "Any day now!" for two weeks, but there's still no clear sign. Physically so ready to crack my bump open, but psycologically and emotionally I don't feel ready at all. "Is he going to be really cute?" I keep wondering. "I hope he's not going to have freaked out eyes some babies have. Even then, is he going to be cute to me?" Finally ordered a crib and some other baby supplies and waiting for their arrival. Hope they make it before he comes. While browsing, I always end up looking at other unnecessary items like "Halloween costume." But they are darn cute and the companies know to make us come across them before we get to the real stuff we need to get. Yea, this pea-in-a-pod costume would be too perfect for my cute baby! Fighting for the temptation. Real stuff first, like pump-band and such.
on september 17, 2009 @ 10:36 pm [link]

Must have!

At this morning's check-up, the midwife confirmed that he is in position and getting low. The day is approaching to meet him! While I am trying to get ready, I came across this fabulously ridiculous product - Made by Moms Pumping Band! "Now moms can read a book, talk on the phone or simply sit back and relax while pumping." What an invention! With this I'd be able to pump and work at the same time! Would someone buy me one?
on september 4, 2009 @ 09:17 pm [link]

Tweet or not

Today I started to announce "three more weeks" and quietly freaked out. My apartment doesn't look anything like of someone having a baby in three weeks or less. Temperature is dropping nicely to feel like fall. Water at the swimming pool on Pitt Street was cold and crisp, and super clean for the first time in a month! Reflection of morning sun light at the bottom of the pool was just beautiful. I must get ready. Everyday, I'm uttering to myself. As much as I'm so ready to end the physical discomfort of pregnancy, I still need time to get organized! But he won't wait too long. I must get ready.

Since Lia made me join Twitter a week ago, I'm still trying to figure out what it does for me. Signing up was super easy, but I feel I'm still not getting a hang of "tweeting." I guess I could bombard the 'followers' with specials and cookie alerts. If they find it annoying, they propbably won't be on Twitter or be a follower. So far I have only 13 followers. It's been fairy busy week, though. Is it because of tweets or all the new young Japanese girls who started working this week?
on september 1, 2009 @ 09:47 pm [link]

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