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September 2005

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red bean for love

Astrid is my new lunch regular. Pretty, friendly, stylish, and cool. After I made her red bean soy smoothie, I gave her the spoon which I used to scoop up red bean paste. "Do you want to lick it?" Her eyes opened wide and I saw twinckles. "Yes! I love you!" Hey guys, if you want to win her heart it's a spoonful of red bean paste!
on september 29, 2005 @ 12:43 am [link]

It was my day

My mother called me in the morning and lamented that her daughter was getting old. But my day was nothing to mourn for. Flowers, cakes and cards arrived. Kazumi and Rikako showed up on their off night. Gigantic cake was sent by Komuro san. Kathy came down with homemade brownies. Kazu walked in with a big bottle of of Wild Turkey. I didn't plan anything but suddenly there was a party. My good customers happened to walk in and join. In fact the place was so lively all day and night. One of the customers who joined in the party made me a little green cake out of our menu. Ikko san helped with cleaning as he promised. After closing was 'SOY after hours' with more music and dancing with my boys. "It will be like this every day when you get your liquor license." Is it going to be my birthday everyday? Flowers and presents certainly put smile on my face.
on september 24, 2005 @ 01:41 am [link]

more wishes

I had my first of the four surgical sessions I'm going to have with the periodontist this morning. I can't eat and I'm in pain. I don't know what exactly he was doing and I don't want to know. At least 25% is done and more to go! I'm glad that some of it was over, though. But I must say now being able to eat has never been so painful working with food. I can't go eat big sausage at San Gennaro's festival either. Hopefully I can eat cake by Thursday if anyone shows up with one.

Another practical item for my wishlist: CD player. Lots of CDs skipping away these days.

on september 21, 2005 @ 12:56 am [link]


The happy faces on the cover of SOY webside this week are: Asteria and Sid, my running friends. And he is the man with incredible runner's high. Can you believe he's 66 years old? Yes, he looks so happy with his plate of curry & croquette. Being newly-weds may also help. "Oh, look, she's making us famous!" He smiled even more when I was uploading their picture on the website. I don't have to make them famous; they are the friendliest people in the New York running community. They are really fast, too.

Saturday was my lucky race where I placed the highest in New York races for the past three years. This year I wasn't as lucky but ran a good race and took home an award for 4th in my age group.

Yesterday was a big long run: 20 miles through the Central Park. It was a beatiful afternoon with live music here and there around the park. In the evening my cat caught a mouse. First she presented the dead prey in front of me who was watching "Sweet Sweetbacks Baadassss Song." Then she started hurling it into the air doing her victory dance. "Oh, gross! Cut it out, Coco!" Although she was having such a great time, (this was the first mouse she came across in probably like 7 years) I had to confiscate the little corpse.

My birthday is coming up and Jarm is wondering what my birthday wishes are. Off the top of my head:
1. a DVD player (I recently realized that Blockbuster only has DVDs now.)
2. Ethernet card (I'm finally getting DSL! But my desktop computer doesn't have the card.)
3. a massage (it's my peak training period I can use a real massage.)
4. some cool music I've never heard of (always useful)
5. flowers (always nice)
6. hugs and kisses (always!!)
7. world peace (who wouldn't wish for this?)

on september 20, 2005 @ 01:11 am [link]


The anniversary came. It was our day of remembrance. It's been four years since that day and days following when we cried, feared, and hugged each other. We lit candles. We cheered for rescue workers. We offered help. We inquired about our lives. It was such a harsh visual imagery which so many of us witnessed with our own eyes that changed our lives forever. I don't think I'd be where I am now if we didn't have 9-11. That traumatic experience of witnessing the collapse of two towers gave me courage to change. So as much as it was terrifying and sad days we had to endure, I am grateful this experience gave me courage and insights.
on september 13, 2005 @ 01:13 am [link]

yet another crazy Saturday

It was another crazy runners gathering this morning: NYC marathon Tune-up 18-mile race in the Central Park. Weather was just beautiful, 70 degrees and sunny. I really wasn't expecting much of myself, after the half-marathon two weeks ago where I tanked only after 4 miles in humidity. I'm feeling seriously undertrained this year, and I thought I'd try to run easy and steady. But this turned out to the first race this year where I felt comfortable putting some effort. I placed 18th in women and took home an award for 5th in my age group. Good for me! Although I was feeling really good after the race of course my body was tired. I came home and took an ice bath while chanting a Buddhist sutra. That was my moment of zen.
on september 11, 2005 @ 12:44 am [link]

I'm totally enjoying the Fall

It was very slow Friday; I told Rikako to go get some beer for us at the corner so we can chill for a change. A minute later she came running back that they won't sell beer to her without ID. "I told her I'm 31 years old!" But she does look like a little girl. We all had a good laugh.

In the beginning of the week Ryan, genius Indian geek showed up to fix my laptop in 10 minutes. He also made some adjustment in Windows it's been running so smooth.

Weather is beautiful and calm. Things are well around here. I'm applying for beer and wine license - my 'good lawyer' Warren told me I can probably have it in 90 days. We may have a big New Year party this year!
on september 9, 2005 @ 11:42 pm [link]

Back to work

Just came back from my weekend trip to upstate. I was in a rustic little house in the woods working on some writing, but I came back pretty tired. Probably because of running up and down the hills. No cell phone service, no TV, no internet. It's good to become a hermit for a few days sometimes. Back to work tomorrow everybody!

I have set up a little "Hurricane Relief Fund" box at SOY. We already begin to collect some donations on Friday. I'll be sending the fun to Red Cross in a few days. Please chip in. Or you can donate from $5 on their website.
on september 6, 2005 @ 12:42 am [link]

my baby is freaked out

My laptop has been freaked out on and off since monday morning, when I spilt small amount of water. I thought this was a minor accident compared to the time I poured a whole glass of water on top; that time water came out when I tilted the laptop, but it was fine the next morning. For the past few days I have procrastinated over whether to take it to a repair and rent one for the weekend. Oh how I'd feel powerless without a computer! But sometimes you have to live dangerously. Although sometimes I cannot type L or A, and although my laptop cries out with lots of short beeps when I start it, I think I'm going to take this baby for a short trip to the woods. After numerous phone calls this morning, I found my Indian geek to repair my laptop. He diagnosed that I need a new keyboard from what I told him what was going on, which was my assumption. He's gotta be good to find out the problem without physically looking at the machine!
on september 1, 2005 @ 05:53 pm [link]

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