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August 2009

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Beginning of another stressful week

It was my first jury duty- I was going to get it over with, but I was feeling terrible this morning. I already had a bad week. It's been so hot and humid all week. My Mexican boy ditched me a week ago with no notice- what a Mexican thing to do. They call you after days of disappearance that they won't be coming to work any more. At 35th week of my pregnancy. It's getting hard enough to do anything, and now I have to spend more time in the kitchen training new help. Of course that comes after dealing with numerous phone calls and interviews. Then the plug of the refrigerator in the back started smoking at the end of the night Saturday, so we spent extra hour moving things around - at least we noticed before locking up that I woken up by electrical fire or spoiled food. I was feeling nauseus for the first time during this pregnancy this morning when I arrived jurors room at the court. I couldn't do it. I decided to ask for postponent, which was granted easily because I was obviously so pregnant. I came back, and I thought I could open up for business for regular hour- but by noon I realized that it was not only the electrical failure, but the compressor was also gone in the refrigerator. So I spent my afternoon waiting for Mr. Wada, the repair man, and also some girls coming for interviews. It was a strange day- up and down continuously- like it was fortunate that I was sitting at a table reading newspaper while waiting all afternoon, that I caught a guy trying to steal my bicycle! He completely busted my lock, and I realized that it was a bulky and sturdy looking but cheap lock that I shouldn't be using. So after all the headache and emergency expenses, things are relatively getting back to order- and girls are delivering food again, like good old days.
on august 24, 2009 @ 11:11 pm [link]

Did it again

After days of swimming, I really felt like going for a run this morning. It was cloudy and cool outside, perfect running weather. I was proud of myself feeling like that at 34 weeks. I wanted to make a little more use of my maternity running wear, also. The belt holds the round belly nicely, and shorts are getting tighter. The crossing guard lady waved at me as I passed on Delancey- after many, many years of passing by her, we started waving at each other only in the past month or so, as I obviously got bigger. I've been enjoying early morning swim also, but I really found running is more enjoyable to me. I feel much free and in control. I headed to the baseball field in the East River Park, and as I approached the entrance- I did it again. I twisted right ankle- aggrevating the repeated injury. It just gave in for no reason but probably because of loosening joints from pregnancy. I gently fell, but the pain was excruciating. I limped into the field to wash dirt off my leg, and had to sit down for a few minutes before making painful slow way back. I felt so defeated. I may have to stick to swimming for a while. Oh, well, at least I didn't skin my hands and knees.
on august 13, 2009 @ 08:05 pm [link]

Mamazilla terrorizes the neighborhood!

As of last week's regular check-up, I gained only one pound in three weeks. I'm supposed to gain one pound a week. So I was told to come back in a week. This morning, I went back and I actually lost half a pound since last week. Susan, the midwife, called me 'shameless chef who won't gain weight,' and ordered me to eat more. It's hard to eat more, having stuffing in my belly that surely is growing, but I am trying hard all day. I had the second breakfast when I got back. I made smoothie in the afternoon. I snacked on cookies and cherries. Then lunch. Plus ice cream, with cookie crumbs. All these eating are making me really tired. But I'm feeling good otherwise, and as you can see in this 'Mamazilla' photo from my baby shower last week, I'm getting huge. Because of ankle sprain early this week, I'm mostly sticking to swimming lately.
on august 6, 2009 @ 07:38 pm [link]

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