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July 2011

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new blog: Dining with Taiyo

I've just started the new blog: Dining with Taiyo. This blog has been so much about Taiyo anyway, but now I'm officially converting it to Taiyo with focus on his dining experience- because he just loves eating! Please update your bookmark and enjoy!
on july 5, 2011 @ 11:52 pm [link]

Staycation day #1

Of course a day goes by much quicker when I'm not working. It was a low-key day for us- a short bike ride to Union Square, where I shopped for a pair of sandals while Taiyo enjoyed stacking shoe boxes. He enjoyed a view overlooking the Square from Filene's Basement which is not in the basement. Then he went crazy running around through clothes racks to prevent me from spending any more money. He fell asleep fast on the bike seat and I was not able to stop for lunch. After a long nap we visited Kathy down the street because she was leaving for a few weeks tomorrow. Picked up a slice of pizza around the corner but the walk back took forever because Taiyo wanted to hang at the scaffolding at the construction site. At home we watched 'Kiki's Delivery Service' for a while but he was getting a bit too tired and cranky. He crashed early (10pm!) for the first time in two weeks.
on july 2, 2011 @ 11:59 pm [link]

oh yes still trendy staycation

I decided to take much needed and deserved vacation this holiday weekend- nice fat five-day off! Of course this is another 'staycation.' I proudly claim that I was one of the original staycationer before the term became so wide known back in 2008. Being not much of a traveler to begin with, that year I said I was going to 'vacation in the city' and enjoy doing things I never get to do in this wonderful city. This time around, I expect myself going all over town with Taiyo on bicycle. There's so much going on we can never get bored in this city! I'm very much excited again to spend some time locally.
on july 2, 2011 @ 02:19 am [link]

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