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July 2009

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American Express always have these very difficult challenge question for online security. I cannot answer most of them: "Who's your favorite historical person?" I don't know. "What was the first name of your boss at your first job?" I don't know. "When is your father's birthday?" I often forget. "What is the name of the street where you lived when you were in first grade?" We don't have a street name. "Where did you go on your honeymoon?" Never went on a honeymoon. "What is the middle name of your oldest sibling?" He doesn't have one. "What was the last name your next door neighbor in 2000?" Absolutely no idea. "What is the first name of your youngest child?" I don't know yet. This name has been a tough issue. Everyone is asking me if I have the name yet. Mark says, "We should decide on the name- I'm getting tired of calling him 'baby.'" But I feel I want to see him first. Meanwhile, my parents are supposed to come up with candidates but so far there's none I think is the coolest name ever. The one we came up, Maki, is too girly according to them. At the hospital, we are supposed to file all the paperwork before discharge. Apocalynne, my psychic friend, keeps saying he'll be born on August 19th. Although it'll be over a month premature, and she hasn't been right too many times about me, it makes me a bit nervous. Kathy told me to pack a hospital bag. Orly scolded me that I have to clean up my apartment. Right, right. Everyone's right. I keep saying I still have two more months! But in fact now it's less than two months. I better get ready.
on july 30, 2009 @ 09:24 pm [link]

Getting the job done has become so much more fun

Since hemorrhoids are one of the common problem pregnant women have to deal with, my mother insisted that I purchase this wonderful Japanese device that washes down your behind. In Japan, every toilet, even public one, is equipped with this 'electric bidet.' It usually can hose you down, with various water temperature, pressure, and movement, then blows you dry. I got a simpler model that won't blow dry, nor the nozzle won't move back and forth, but yes, I save lots on toilet paper! Highly recommended!
on july 29, 2009 @ 10:48 pm [link]

I'm soo hot!

Finally appropriate summer weather arrives, and I'm hot all the time. I'm really, really hot. Everyone who's been pregnant told me that I'll be really hot in summer. Now I see it. I'm really, really, really hot. I'm really, really, really hot in the kitchen. I'm happy not doing any more cooking classes this summer. Our kitchen is so tiny and hot. I'm getting bloated and too sweaty. This beautiful sunny morning I finally went for early bird swimming at the public pool on Pitt Street. Water kept me nice and cool, but Olympic size pool was not any easier on me than running. Breathing is harder now, due to growing baby, which is appropriately the size of a cabbage this week. Luckily the pool is shallow all the way, and I was able to stop if I couldn't reach the other side. And at least while in water, no one stared at this pregnant woman. But overall, I decided I still want to stick to mostly running. And now cloud is moving in and rain returns. Hopefully it will be cooler tonight.
on july 17, 2009 @ 05:22 pm [link]

Nature on Suffolk Street

The other night, a firefly wondered in. It was the very first time I ever saw a firefly on Suffolk Street. Last year, I saw a squirrel on the block for the first time ever- who might have stolen a mango pit I planted outside of my window and gave me purple morning glory. It gave me beautiful flowers all summer. Medium size t-shirts are already snug around my belly. I noticed some smiley faces this morning on my run, while others just glanced in the corner of their eyes. Sometimes I meet a jaw dropping stare, usually from a Chinese lady. Young mother at the Chinese supermarket keeps telling me that I shouldn't be riding a bicycle. I'm getting more bowlegged when I ride these days, but I don't see no problem otherwise. Walking would be so much more tiring- I refuse to walk!
on july 10, 2009 @ 08:37 pm [link]

tired of being tired

Finally entering the "Third Trimester," or the final stretch, although it feels like I'm making a painfully slow progress- baby steps, literally. Still three more months to go, and really getting tired of being tired. My legs are seriously heavy on my runs (oh, yes, still running a few miles a day!) as if I've done 20-mile long run. When I go out I think about what Paula Radcliff, the marathon world record holder, said about her pregnancy- "Pregnancy was the hardest thing I've ever done- it seems to never end." I read other runners' comments that running through pregnancy was not easy nor pain-free. Running long distance is often mental pleasure more than physical to begin with, but especially now, it is becoming purely mental- that I'm doing a good thing for me and my baby, dragging my feet around the baseball field in the morning. I like the fact that it gets me out of bed and out of the apartment. It is still the best way to start a day, and the whole month of rain was really good. Pregnant runners also often comment on 'dirty looks' they receive on their runs, but I don't notice it much. I don't seem to get much reaction at all, and I wonder if it's a New York thing- you see crazy people and often ignore it- looking the other way. Pregnant runner? Just another crazy you encounter in New York City. I get more greetings and belly rubbing on my shopping round these days, though, which I enjoy. And he's been kicking, twirling, hiccuping happily daily. Sara thinks I'm going to have the sweetest greatest baby. I surely hope so. I'm going to believe he's the sweetest thing even if he's a devil.
on july 2, 2009 @ 07:39 pm [link]

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