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May 2009

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Soy Nostradamus

I often shop at Jeffery's at Essex Market. They give me a piece of candy with my change makes me feel like a little girl doing errands for Mom. But especially this morning, when I put a cinnamon candy they gave me in my mouth, I fell deep into the cloud of nostalgie.

According to NY Times, Fresh Ginger Ale is in. Without the fizz, it's almost like my ginger lemonade, which I've been making for 7 years. What they publish often makes me feel like a prophet, totally ahead of time. Everytime they write articles on topics like, "Japanese restaurant with no sushi," "Tofu restaurant," "A small restaurant where chef/owner also brings food to your table," and describe it as a new trend, I am like, gee, I'm totally ahead of our time. I've been doing that for years! Yet they are so good at ignoring my tiny joint. It's all right, I'll be your secret prophet. What would be next? I bet it's green tea rice krispie treat! And I predict that the world is not going to end in 2012. Come on, I can't complete all my good work in three years. Let me finish and retire first.

Summer humidity assaulted us, and sailors are back in town. Hoping for the nice beach weather this holiday weekend.
on may 22, 2009 @ 07:48 pm [link]

A sad day

My usual day began with Coco's nugging meow by the bed. It's 6 o'clock. She's quite reliable about time. I give her medicine, then some food. I crawl back into bed. A few minutes later, she comes back form kitchen howling like it's the end of the world. It's just what this very old cat does after she eats. I fell back to sleep.

I treated myself for an expensive piece of doughnut ($2.75!) from doughnut plant. On the way back I hurried across Delancey Street on bike, with basket full of veggies from Chinatown. I had a bad feeling trying to make the light, with the traffic officer about to ignore my existence and almost waving to let the cars flow. I kept going. My bike bounced a little when I crossed the island in the middle of Delancey. The little paper bag on top of the basket jumped up in the air, and the precious coconut glazed doughnut flew out of the bag and landed in the middle of the street. "F*.....kk!!" I blurted out stretched out four letter word and left the fluffy square doughnut to be a sad casualty under incoming traffic. It was a sad day.

My parents read the previous post and couldn't really understand it. They have facebook in Japan now, but obviously not as big as here. They thought "Facebook" was actual book, some sort of publication. Understandable. It is a 'book' and I was talking about a page. Then when they asked about it, I couldn't explain well what this Facebook was about. I wanted to say, "a social experiment to explore the limits of your friends' circle," but that will not translate well.

I received jury summons. It was a sad day. I felt that it was a bummer to be an American besides the fact that we are sometimes hated by other people here or elsewhere in the world. Why couldn't they just use unemployed people, now that there are so many! It says I can ask for postponent once. Should I try to get out of it for the time being, or should I fulfil my duty as a citizen? Should I take it as an excuse to close the shop for a few days, to be aggrevated waiting around for hours on end in the courthouse? Tough call.
on may 14, 2009 @ 12:18 am [link]

sticking my face on facebook

"Your device so small she barely finds it in bed" was the subject line of a spam I received this morning. How brutal! But it was too wicked I had to share it.

So finally I decided to debut on facebook. In the beginning I was going to just create a page for SOY, but then as a business you can be a fan, but I couldn't make friends or look up people within facebook to invite them to SOY page. It's also very hard to find this page unless it's connected to personal profile. So I had to make myself available on view and began making friends in this 'social networking' world. Then in the beginning I totally hated it, because it took me a while to understand the relationships between the business page and personal profile, what they are supposed to do, and all that. Their program is also buggy and user-unfriendly, and after I created the 'page' I couldn't even find it. And I had no friends. But then some of my friends mysteriously started finding me. I had to begin 'networking' before I was even comfortable. Well, now I'm beginning to really like it, since I began to connect with not only the people I regularly see here, but with some 'lost friends' or 'people I used to feed.' My network of friends are becoming like exactly what I often have here at SOY- great mix of eclectic people. However, currently SOY on facebook has only 7 fans, including myself. Go become a fan, if you still haven't!

on may 8, 2009 @ 10:59 pm [link]

spring rain

Rain, rain, and so much rain. All day today, all day yesterday. I missed 'Sakura Matsuri' at Brooklyn Botanical Garden because of rain- I didn't see a point of going to admire cherry blossom in the rain. In Japan, 'Hanami' or cherry blossom admiring is a very important seasonal activity. We have 'cherry blossom forecast' along with the weather forecast on news. Many companies will designate a hanami day, close their offices and go get drunk under beautiful cherry trees in full bloom. (Generally the hard working, streesed-out Japanese people love any excuse to get drunk.) I heard homeless people in Ueno Park in Tokyo have a good business going during hanami season, getting paid by securing prime picnic area for office people. I wasn't too sad about missing the festival at the Botanical Garden in fact, for their Anti-Picnic policy. Many years ago, a bunch of friends and I were shooed away by the park police because we were trying to picnic on the lawn. Recently Betim had the same experience- the park police gave them hard time for laying a blanket on the lawn. Obviously their policy hasn't changed; for them it's more important to keep a beautiful lawn than for you to sit and enjoy. What's the park for? I'm not missing too much.
on may 4, 2009 @ 08:33 pm [link]

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