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May 2006

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a.k.a. unofficial beginning of summer

Even with an extra monday off, my apartment doesn't get cleaned much because by the time I'm feeling ready for the cleaning, it's getting kind of late, like now, and I'd just say to myself, "I'll do it tomorrow." Like Paul always says, "I'll see you tomorrow," although I wouldn't see him the next day;it's just the way for him to say 'good-bye.' We had managed without the girls in front all this week. I actually enjoyed tending customers because lately I have less time to greet them. In mid-week I was visited by Dorothy who came all the way from Colorado looking for SOY, because she was on her way to see her daughter in Rhode Island, and her friend happened to be playing at Tonic that night, and was vegetarian. She came across SOY looking for restaurants near Tonic before the visit, read my blog, and sent that Japanese t-shirt folding video to her kids around the country. She of course enjoyed the food and a short stop at SOY. Before Kathy left for her summer stay at Provincetown, I went up to her place a few doors down to help her with a few things and prevent her from doing unnecessary things like making pillowcases which was exactly what she was doing when I came by around midnight on Saturday. To help her pack, I demonstrated the t-shirt folding technique and she thought it was truly amazing and looked at me like I should be on the cover of Time magazine. On sunday I made it for the last few hours of William Wegman exhibit at Brooklyn Museum on my bike across the bridge. Great show. Very funny, very inspirational. Sunday was also the day of spectacular sunset, where the sunset exactly lines up with the east-west streets of manhattan. They probably saw it on NY1 like I did; there were lots of photographers on the streets waiting for the sunset. I missed the perfect shot while seaching for the most dramatic spot. Today I made it to the beach for the beginning of summer memorial day holiday, but it was still chilly on the beach and I headed back only after an hour of sun bathing, which was still enough to get little burn on my chest. And this is why I didn't get to clean my place again.
on may 30, 2006 @ 01:08 am [link]

faces of America

Beautiful morning before more rain. When I was passing through Battery park, I accidentally found out identities of those Statue of Liberties posing with tourists. Two of them were getting into their "uniform" of blue robes, and talking to each other in Spanish. They were little Mexicans! Because they are always standing on stacks of milk crates, I didn't realize how short they are. So these immigrants are again taking jobs nobody else wants, wrapping fat tourists with American flags and posing with them for picture. They must make very little money, too. So remember people, if we get rid of all these hardworking immigrants, there will be no more Statue of Liberties to pose for tourists, which is one of the main reason they visit Big Apple.
on may 21, 2006 @ 10:29 pm [link]


I committed myself to run a 10k race in three weeks, although my left calf from last week's accident still hurts. Then yet another mishap today; as I took out a container of miso from the refrigerator, I dropped this 5-pound-plus thing right onto my right thigh. One more bruise to add to my body. Last night I was just laughing about my recent injuries with Micheal; "You're like a kid, skinning your palm and scarring your knees!" Today I felt like a Stooge. It hurts but at least I'm laughing about it. Alternating rain and shine all day. I didn't notice but I heard hail also came down at one point. My old friend (very) crazy Tim stopped by with Lynn. The other day my neighbor Tom asked me, "Do you know Tim Mendes?" "Hell, yes. I know the crazy guy for 15 years!" They happend to be working together. Then Tim was glancing at my pictures on the wall and exclaimed, "Oh, my god. Ask me how I know this guy Alexandro," who has been a very good customer and friend to me for years. "How?" I was afraid they've been lovers once or something. "I went to school with him in Baffalo!" "No way!" He said Alexandro used to come over when he and my other good friend Michelle were roommates in Village. I guess Alexandro didn't come in here when Michelle was helping me out in the first few months. What a small world. It was 80s night in terms of music. At the end of the night Ernie found a new perfect dessert combination of a chocolate tofu pudding and peanut butter cookies. "Great food, great music, this is like ... heaven!" So I played "Just Like Heaven" by the Cure, and he couldn't be any happier. So I hear the name "Nevaeh" is a new popular girl's name. Heaven spelled backwards. So what, if she is on a head-stand, she's like Heaven?
on may 20, 2006 @ 01:23 am [link]

Another wonderful evening after rain

Since it was mother's day, one of my boys Ikko san took me out for dinner on Sunday. We feasted on delicious bouillabaisse in Brooklyn, then he brought me to his usual hang-out Hanks, a country dive bar on Atlantic Avenue. Ikko san, 47 years old but kid at heart, introduced me to his buddies at the bar, "This is my mother!" Everyone thought it was a good joke. One of my other boys, Kazu showed up and gave me mother's day hug. It was a great evening with great music. It's nice to get out of the neighborhood sometimes, although I love my Lower East Side to death. This is truly my home. My mom called me to tell me that she got the pretty flowers I sent her. I love the internet! I found a great puzzle book with little magnet pieces in my hallway last night, which added more fun for you to come to SOY and play while you wait your food, and use your brain. Noah was in for Niku Jaga, then I said, "you must like something heady like this." Sure enough, he solved a few puzzled with ease. "I have to get out before I start another one." Ikko san came in again, Kathy came, Erin had her feast, Vincent and his sidekick Vong were having some sake over spicy tuna and shrimp with chili, Casey and Ryan were there, and Ajit came and snatched the big order we were about to deliver to his office, Trajal was back from his vacation in Florida and this was another wonderful evening at SOY.
on may 17, 2006 @ 01:24 am [link]

I had a dream....

This morning I had a dream that Little Kim was a Korean girl from Seoul. When I woke up, I was seriously confused. Was Little Kim really a Korean girl or was I just dreaming? Don't you have these dreams sometimes, for a second you ask yourself, how did I get here? Well, I do.

After three day my leg began to bruise. But I was able to go out on a short run. Kathy had to put her kitty to sleep. Very sad. I remembered I had little bead-stuffed kitties my sister-in-law made. I put on the counter. They'll smile at you forever.

on may 14, 2006 @ 12:48 am [link]

Falling again

After two weeks my left palm that lost a chunk of skin finally began to appear almost normal. Then another encounter another incident of a rotten potato this morning. I was on my rounds, riding JoJo the green bike, where I came across very, very slippery corner at Rivington and Suffolk. I almost fell as I turned onto Rivington. There was some yellowish spill at the curve. The whole block of Rivington looked greasy, so I slowed down to make sure I won't fall... then paw! There was absolutely no time to restore my balance. I fell very hard and fast on my side. Miraculously I got only tiny scratch on one hand, but a pedal hit quite deep into my thigh. It's swollen and I'm limping all day. Azumi and Emi told me they also fell hard on their butts at that corner this afternoon. Tal let me rub his Tibetan lucky charm, since I still got this bad luck hovering over my shoulder.

on may 11, 2006 @ 12:06 am [link]


When I got out on my run in the afternoon downtown Manhattan was filled with cyclist for the five borough bike tour. Not all of them were seasoned bikers which was really dangerous. Downtown was already full of super-sized American tourists. If the bikers collided with the large Americans they would blow up causing air-bag effect, which is known as 'bubble theory' to economists. I had great fun imagining this on my long run. Battery park was prettiest ever I've seen with lots of flowers blooming. This year for the first time since I've lived in the Lower East Side (about 12 years) I noticed red tulips planted on the islands along Delancey streets. My red daisies in the window are doing well.
on may 8, 2006 @ 01:23 am [link]

Call again.

What do you do when someone calls and leaves message on your machine by mistake. Sachez called Moe and left a message on my machine saying, "Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but my sister was in town. I'll be in and out today, but let's talk." He didn't leave a return phone number, so there was no way to call him back and he called a wrong number. If your friend didn't get back to you, please call again. Maybe your call was lost somewhere in oblivion like this.
on may 6, 2006 @ 02:19 am [link]

May 1st

I was worried about today all week, since it was supposed to be the illegal immigrants' boycott day. I was worried that I might have some trouble getting food supplies in the morning. But it seemed that everyone was doing business as usual. We were pretty busy through the day, but I don't know if that was because some other restaurants had trouble operating without undocumented workers. Did they really not show up at work, or did they? I really don't know.

I hate going to a post office. It's like going into twilight zone. Everyone moves in slow-motion. Our branch on East Broadway is the typical example of that. There's always a line, perhaps not too long, but you'll spend something like eternity on that line no matter how long it is. Today, there were two extra postal workers on the floor, who were moving in a normal speed, trying to help customers who needed labels for insured mail, or return receipt or something none of us on the line needed. I watched an old lady shuffle to a window, and the chinese lady behind the window flip and try to find watermarks on a hundred dollar bill about a hundred times, then the guy in the next window walked over and flip the bill another hundred times before he gave o.k. Then the little guy slowly limped his way to a window. I think I should write to the postmaster that instead having two extra workers on the floor they can put then in the open windows and consider installing self-service station, and do something about those old vending machines that painfully slowly swallows bills and then spits them back at you. Or even consider hiring undocumented workers who moves faster and sings love songs while they work.
on may 2, 2006 @ 01:16 am [link]

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