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April 2011

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Our second spring

It was my spring break, although the weather has been more like summer. Extra two days off went by like nothing. Spring cleaning? Forget about it! Taiyo and I were out and about most of the time. Chelsea Piers, Aquarium and Coney Island, and the bike ride to the Central Park Zoo! It was the longest bike ride we went on, and he slept all the way back. It's amazing how they can fall asleep like a jello on a bike seat. In Coney Island we went down to walk on the beach. He wasn't scared of the sand anymore, but kept brushing sand off his sneakers- what a city boy. He enjoyed eating a corn dog on the boardwalk, and got on a kiddie ride but looked like he didn't know what to think of it. I also went on a short run to the East River Park with him in the jogger- I own it for almost a year and unfortunately not using it enough- I felt I've lost a lot of my running muscle. I didn't struggle but it was an effort to do just two miles. Two years ago, it was still nothing, at 4-month pregnant. This morning I had to report to juror's office at the court, and Taiyo was super cranky and kept screaming in the office. They still made us wait for twenty minutes, and finally after three postponents the nice lady granted me a childcare excusal. When she gave us the letter, Taiyo finally stopped fussing and laughed with "Ha!" What a smart boy.
on april 28, 2011 @ 12:19 am [link]

my little helper

Flower buds on the trees are fattening by day, getting ready for the showtime. Taiyo is getting back to a baby this week, calling me "mama, mama," and following me everywhere. Now he's expanding his skills to bringing drinks to the table, although I had to still assist him to bring a glass of water. A bowl of rice is no problem. He always brings a check to the wrong table, and may insist on siging on the credit card slip himself, but he never fails to make us all laugh. Today he insisted to hold a potato, then asked me to get the peeler. When I handed the peeler to him, he correctly tried to run it against the skin. I bet he'll be wrapping gyoza with me in a year! I'm so excited with my little helper.
on april 8, 2011 @ 01:05 am [link]

across town

First bike ride to the west side in windy still chilly weather. Taiyo was super excited to have a bike helmet handed down. Only six months ago he cried uncontrollably to have the helmet put on and placed in the bike seat. Today he chuckled to have the helmet buckled under his chin feeling ticklish. We went along the East River, and as I passed joggers I immediately missed this old running route. Two years ago when I was pregnant I was still running this path. My plan was to get to the carousel at the Chelsea Piers, but the wind was too strong and chilly to continue. We decided to take a refuse in the bright Winter Garden. The low steps were perfect for Taiyo to work on his climbing skills. Obviously other parents also knew this fact, and we saw many other tots going up and down the stairs. Taiyo also loved the high ceiling and towing palm trees. Later I heard that they plan to destroy that staircase which used to lead to the twin towers. Now it only leads to a large window to view the construction sight. Although it now goes to nowhere, it would be a shame to destroy that stairs- it's such a beautiful place to sit any time of the year. I decided to cut across downtown to head home, and by the time we reached Chinatown Taiyo was fast asleep.

Another video project I'd like to work on now is 'Very Hungry Taiyo,' of course the parody of his favorite book. As you may know he loves eating. Partly because he is my kid and also because he's growing up in a restaurant full of good food. Any place I go, I don't have to worry about not finding what he may eat. He loves to eat what I eat. I still haven't decided on the ending- could he be like a enormous destroyer like Godzilla, trampling over wooden blocks? Or a superhero? A pig? A dough boy? Taiyo still could turn into a butterfly like in his favorite book.
on april 3, 2011 @ 10:50 pm [link]

Coco is 21 years old

I had a dream that I had very long disgusting hair under my arms. I said to myself, oh boy. I'd better shave. Next morning I remember to take care of it, although they weren't as gross as I dreamt. What was the meaning of this dream? This morning I noticed cute dresses I haven't wore in years in the closet. Although having a baby is the best excuse for forgetting to take care of myself, maybe it's time to start doing so. Then I realized that I can't even find a lipstick I used to have so many of.

My cat Coco unofficially turned 21 years old yesterday. Lynne exclaimed, "We have to take her out to a bar, now that she can drink!" Despite of her hyperthyroidism, she's she seems to be doing well. She stopped waking me up at 4am, interestingly, when Taiyo began to sleep through the night. It was like she prepared me for interrupted sleep well before he came along, and decided it was no longer necessary. We still hear her roaring through the baby monitor while Taiyo naps, which frightens my staff. These days Taiyo and Coco lounges on the couch side by side, and she would even demand attention with gentle tap on his hands. When Taiyo tries to pick her up, she would stay still in his little arms. She would even let him pluck her hair sometimes.

Taiyo's vocabulary is fast increasing, although often it is still a detective's work to understand his often fragmented words. Or I may gasp when I think he uttered f-word, which turns out to be a 'fork.' His tantrums and meltdowns are decreasing already. Sometimes you'll find him watching Dora by himself in the restaurant these days.
on april 2, 2011 @ 03:57 pm [link]

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