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March 2011

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Biggest full moon

Only four days after I began rolling camera again for my new project "The Tree of Life; Saving Barbara's Art," Barbara went missing. That's what I found out when Taiyo and I walked into Lynne's apartment this morning for her Yoga Movement class. Barbara went wondering the streets looking for her daughter Zoe, Lynne said. During the class, Lynne received a call that she is at Bellvue emergency room. But minutes after she received another call that she shouldn't go pick up Barbara at the hospital because the agency who's taking care of Barbara wants to take this opportunity to move her to an assited living. Later I cried thinking of Barbara searching for her dead daughter. Today Taiyo brought a check to a table, brought it back to me with a credit card, swiped it at the machine, brought it back to the customer, waited patiently for the signature. "Wmm... what should I put down for a tip?" he asked Taiyo, then he brought me back the signed slip. Didn't I tell you that he'll be helping me as soon as he walks? Later Taiyo was searching for the moon looking up the cloudy sky. I found the moon peeking out the clouds after he fell asleep. It's almost full moon, the biggest full moon in 19 years, and it happens to be on Barbara's 86th birthday.
on march 16, 2011 @ 12:52 am [link]


With so much of those devastating images flooding in, I've received many phone calls and emails from friends about my family there. Fortuantely they are far enough (they live near Tokyo), but my mother said the shake was tremendouns and she saw many stores with everything fallen from the shelves. But that was the extent of damage around them. The night the disaster struck Japan, I was shaken up to hear a story about Barbara, a friend of my dear friend Lynne. Barbara is 85-year-old celebrated sculptor, who lives on Stanton Street, suffering from significant memory loss by Alzheimer's, and she is now facing the danger of her life's work in storage. The agency who is taking care of her announced that because of growing cost of her care for her condition will no longer be able to cover the expense of storage spaces. Now Lynne is put in the position of deciding the fate of Barbara's work. One of hte storage space contains also the legacy of Barbara's daughter Zoe, who was a famous model, actress, and writer of the Abel Ferrara movie Bad Lieutenant. She died of drug related cause in 1999. With such urgent situation and amazing story behind it, I told Lynne, "I have to document it." So I have created another full time job for myself by taking out my video camera. I'll be making a movie again! Taiyo will have lots of appearance in the film, since he's always with me.
on march 13, 2011 @ 11:31 pm [link]

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