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March 2010

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Last week he got me a nice tax refund. This week he got me out of Jury duty. Mommy's little helper at work! I enjoy going to places with him, but interestingly, people don't help as much as I thought with a presence of a woman with a stroller. Even a neighbor may not help me going down the stairs. Then you realize who's your enemy. But generally I'm very much grateful for all the support I get, and there's always a moment I feel like quitting, I'm lucky to have my own business where I can have my baby with me most of the time. He passed the six-month mark and every week growing out of more clothes. Next week my neglected other baby, Coco the cat, will hit 20-year mark. She is still such a baby and demands my attention at 6 a.m.
on march 26, 2010 @ 12:44 am [link]

Six months!

Taiyo's six-month old! Last week, I took a few days off to enjoy the city life with him. I took him to the Natural History museum and he had the first encounter with butterflies. He was mesmerized by the sight of hundreds of butterflies! He didn't care too much for the dinasaur bones and such, but I discovered his first teeth when we sat down for a break by the exhibit of human origins. Next day we were at the Central Park Zoo and he was completely taken by the penguins. Now he rolls over with ease and it's getting harder to change his diaper or to put his pants on, since he can hardly lay still. Many people seem to share my opinion that he's the cutest baby ever, and he's totally enjoying making new friends every day. This week I had an appointment with my accountant, and Taiyo got me a very nice refund this year. So I took him to shopping and got some more cute clothes- a jean jacket and an overall. Now it's getting warm so quickly, I'm ready to get a jogging stroller to explore more of this great city with him. He started on solid food for a month now, and his favorite is, of course, bananas! What a monkey!
on march 21, 2010 @ 01:08 am [link]

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