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March 2007

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Hope you enjoyed a glass of water

It often feels like things are going to fast like I'm out of breath, or things are just going too slow like in bad dreams where I'm trying to run but can't. It was like the perfect example tonight, busy start, with a reward of Mr. Thurston Moore showing up with his troop, and a dead hour in between by 9 pm the space was full again.

Yesterday, the start of my 'World Water Day' was walking into my kitchen and so appropriately feeling drops falling on my head from ceiling. I was able to catch my landlord in time and he immediately got on the case to stop the leak from upstairs. We had a great turn-out for UNICEF's Tap Project. All my customers enjoyed a glass of tap water and contributed to bring clean water to children around the world. It was such a great project where we were able to offer something so beautifully meaningfull and symbolic: a glass of water. One customer asked me what I had put in the water that made it taste so good. Our good intentions, I guess.

Before the end of the week I'm already projecting the busiest week in the brief history of SOY. I'm so looking forward to my spring break next weekend. Warning: no SOY from Friday the 30th through Monday the 2nd.
on march 24, 2007 @ 01:18 am [link]

World Water Day is coming up

Sometimes life feels like an endless run-on sentence. That's what has been feeling like this past week. So much happens, so much shit happens, and life goes on. Last week after almost two weeks of having no-dial tone on my line, this nice Verizon repair man came by. He fiddled this wire, that wire for about half an hour, then announced, 'It's your phone that's causing the problem.' I said, 'Then why they've been telling me because they are replacing the main cable some place that I don't have the service!" He just laughed. Why they were lying to me remains a mystery. I tossed the phone, and since then we haven't had a problem. They gave me new lines twice in the last 6 months and finally the mystery was solved. I hope this is considered to be a happy ending.

Yes, I know, I know. Trust me, I'm still trying to get the new cooking class schedule out. Any day. Possibly tomorrow. That's what I've been saying for the past few weeks. Another run-on sentence. It goes on and on and never ends. This Thursday we are participating in UNICEF's Tap Project. March 22 is the United Nations' World Water Day, and I hope you stop by to enjoy a glass of tap water and donate a dollar to hep provide clean water to save people who don't have this luxury we take for granted.
on march 21, 2007 @ 01:07 am [link]

Here it comes

So here came this disapppointing spring morning when I woke up and it was showing 10 o'clock, and I said that's not so bad, but it was actually 11. Daylight savings time has arrived. This afternoon on TV I heard that the notion that Daylight savings time was started for the farmers is entirely a myth, but it was actually started in NYC to encourage more consumer spending in the early 20th century. I always thought that the farmer thing was a ludicrous idea. They said it is costing us 350 million dollars for this years adjustment of the time. But not to worry, we will be spending a lot more in the next three weeks. Summertime is also ending later this year, so the kids will be able to trick-or-treating longer and we will be buying more candies! Then the parents will be spending more money for the dentists! What a great system we have in this free economy.

Our phone problem updates. Yesterday afternoon I finally had a dial tone on my phone, so I went ahead and cancelled call forwarding to my cell phone. A few hours later, a customer came in and told me the line is busy. I called dear Verizon immediately and had calls forwarded again. The rep said it's likely that my line is not still restored until Wednesday. Another hour went by, and I was still not getting any calls. I tried to call from the other line and I got the recording, "please dial 1, area code, and phone number..." I called back dear Verizon and the nice lady told me forwarding wasn't done correctly. This time she tested by calling me before hanging up. Ironically this afternoon, I received a thank you note from Verizon for choosing them. What a great customer service! They went right ahead and said "Thank you" when I wanted to say "F*** you." They can't fix my phone line for over a week but they sending me a little thank you note! Oh, sure I'll be a loyal customer for years to come.

Lately I had opportunities to use subways in the morning, three times in last two weeks. It's usually only about once every other month. And all of these trips, I had to wait for F train for over 20 minutes. This happened twice during rush hour. Anther day on sunday I couldn't come back the same way because F train was detoured to A line from West 4th. I feel so fortunate that I am not relying on this health hazzard in my everyday life. It's not trans fat that's doing us such harm, everyone! It's MTA! But now us restaurants are officially required to eliminate artificial trans fat from our food by July 1st. Only thing I had to eliminate was little amount of shortening from our famous chocolate chip cookies. I am going for all butter now, but no one seemed to notice so far. This is stil a very strange law, though. If it is packaged goods, we can still serve items with artificial trans fat, lilke I guess factory produced packaged cookies or potato chips. And of course you can buy all kinds of products with artificial trans fat in supermarkets. Also there's a new debate about natural kind of trans fat that is in milk, butter, and meats, that's not supposed to be harmful. Lately my doctor congratulated me on my good health and great blood test result. She said my cholesterol is like the lowest she's seen in over a week. I hardly think about what I eat because of nutritional content or what I'm or not supposed to eat. I eat what I make, and that's usually what I want. I just eat balanced fresh cooked meals every day. I bet you'll be healthier if you eat at SOY every day. I'm the living testimony. Ha!

on march 12, 2007 @ 12:11 am [link]

trying to stay connected

Under the sunny blue sky, thick clouds hang low traveling eastward fast this morning. I looked up and remember the days when I was young, I used to stare at the edge of clouds thinking sometime I would get a glimpse of 'cloud people' peeking out from up there. What a cute thought.

It was snowing under sunshine this afternoon- just for a few minutes, flurries danced around in the wind. It reminded me of cherry blossom in Japan in spring. Sometimes you'd encounter this "cherry blossom shower" in april, little white petals get blown in the air and it is so beautiful. My mother said in some areas cherries are blossoming already after a very mild winter. I'm sure they are mumbling 'global warming' to each other over there. We had rather mild winter here too, and next sunday we are already switching to daylight saving time and it's really going to feel like spring with extended daylight. Are you aware of this? After living in this country for 18 years, just having daylight saving time is confusing enough, and how come they decided to create even more confusion by pushing it three weeks forward?

Verizon just gave me a new line last week, although another repair person supposedly ran a new line for me a few months ago. Then the phone has been down again since Saturday night. I never have problem upstairs in my apartment, but they seem to not be able to fix the problem for my business, although this is much newer phone line. And everytime I lose at least a few hours of business until someone kind enough come down and tell me that the line is busy, which should never happen with call waiting. When this finally happened Saturday night, we were already closing up. This time they say it's a problem with main line, although upstairs I still have no problem, and although they promised it will be fixed by monday, now they say it's wednesday morning. I should be on IM all the time in case this happens again. My screen name is SOYRESTAURNAT on AIM.
on march 5, 2007 @ 06:16 pm [link]

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