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March 2005

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The dishwasher has been a great new toy. But it is such an American machine. I cuts grease quite well, but it's not so tough fighting sticky Japanese rice. Unless we carefully rince them off before, they are still present on pots and plates after a wash, or they just end up on neighboring pots and plates. And how we love rice: there is hardly a day goes by without me having a bowl of rice. I hang a baby kimono on the wall which I just brought back from home. It was used for 'Omiya-mairi,' the occasion when my family visited a local shrine as a custom for a newborn. Since a month-old baby won't be big enough to wear a kimono, they just wrap a baby with this festive kimono. It looks so nice on the wall. The flowers in the window are still blooming. They have been the longest lasting cut flowers I've ever bought. Cute little white flowers. I want to get tulips at the green market this weekend.
on march 31, 2005 @ 01:42 am [link]

bunny day

It was easter, which didn't really mean much to me. Instead of coloring eggs, I was coloring the restaurant. I painted all day, and didn't even finish the whole dining area. But the place is looking better and better. It was my dream to some day own a dishwasher, and we finally have one! It's going to be installed in the morning.
on march 28, 2005 @ 01:44 am [link]

too much money

There's this nice friendly lady at the Chinese supermarket. She likes to talk to me in broken English. "You go to your restaurant?" She asked me this morning. Yes. I replied. "Business good, your restaurant?" I said yes. "How many people in your restaurant?" I thought at first she was asking me how many employees I have, but she wanted to know how many partners I have. Chinese people like to ask questions. First time we started conversing, she asked me where I live and how much I pay for rent. Anyway, I told her I'm the sole owner. "Only you? Oh, too much money!" She smiled. I wasn't sure if it was good thing or not. Did she mean that I must've spent too much money to open a restaurant by myself, or she thinks I must be making too much money since I don't have to share? I shrugged and said I have to work too much. In the afternoon the amigo on delivery from a supplier walked in and saw the new counter. "Oh, it's new! Too much money!" I really wasn't sure if he meant, you must've spent too much money, or you will have too much money, or.. I thought about this young Spanish guy who worked for me one time, who didn't understand what I meant when I said "you're using too much soap" since everything was smelling like soap. He kept using more and more soap because "too much soap" meant "not enough soap." So I was pretty sure they meant something other than 'too much money' literally but I really wasn't sure what. For one thing I'm sure I don't have too much money. Not just yet.
on march 24, 2005 @ 01:20 am [link]

come see the new SOY

After four days of suspense, I finally opened up for business this afternoon while crazy Pole Rawi was still patching up some holes on the floor and the walls. I was cleaning all night, and this afternoon I was upset because I didn't know where anything was and where to put everything back. But people came and congratulated on the new beautiful counter and I was very proud of the change that was made. The place looks so much more spacious. I just need a new coat of paint and new shelves to get organized. Maybe nicer lighting fixture and I'll have a party.
on march 23, 2005 @ 12:45 am [link]

Quiet before a storm

My dream this morning contained murder, Will and Jack from "Will and Grace," dry cleaned clothes, rain, and streets of Tokyo. I hope this means nothing. First phase of renovation starts tomorrow. Lots of action this weekend, and stay tuned for more updates. Spring is around the corner. And happy Saint Patty's day.
on march 18, 2005 @ 12:04 am [link]

pictures of us

My favorite people Mark and Noe were back in town from Chicago over the weekend, and they came for lunch last Friday. Their friend John took a Japanese picture, which he just sent me. Mark said SOY will be on their list of 'reasons to move back to New York.' I hope they move back and take more Japanese pictures with me. You can see how much fun we're having. In a Japanese picture, you must give peace signs, preferably with both hands, as shown below in a classic example of a picture of my friend Akiko I took on New Year's Day this year. It is also preferred that the background contains something meaningful, like Mount Fuji in this picture. It was doubly joyous and meaningful to see Mount Fuji since it was New Year's Day.

on march 16, 2005 @ 04:28 pm [link]

SOY, home of famous Spicy Tuna & Avocado Bowl

My new special has been creating quite a sensation since last week. It's "Spicy Tuna & Avocado Bowl." It's a fairy simple but pretty dish, with a bowl of sushi rice adorned with slices of avocado and chunks of spicy tuna on top. Many people who tasted this dish died upon tasting. It was described as "unbelievable," "so good," "oh my god," "insane." One girl said, "I feel like someone made this great food just for me." She was in a trance. Some people ordered the second round in one sitting. Many came back the next day to have more. They also sent their friends. These have been great rewarding moments for me. I've also created "Eel and Egg Bowl" and another personal favorite "Eel and Avocado Bowl" with ginger rice.
on march 12, 2005 @ 07:09 pm [link]

back to winter

Another weekly visit by snowstorm. Gushing wind keep pushing the door inside today, knocking out the flower on the table.

"Today is the anniversary of passing of my youth." My neighbor Elliot said yesterday. He meant it was his birthday. I said that was the most poetic way to put it.

I was thinking of Viveca, who was my teacher at SVA. She once said, "If we ought to write down everything that passes through our mind, we'll have a novel every day!" So I keep writing my novel today.

Akiro san was leaving his salon just now. His dog Noriko decided she didn't like to walk on the icy street. She just stood in the middle of the sidewalk, resisting his tug. Finally he decided to pick her up and walked on.

on march 8, 2005 @ 06:16 pm [link]

changes are coming

I was saddeded to see the new sign of Sleepy's Mattress over former Ratners last week. Seeing the strip of Delancey from across the street, I felt fortunate of being tucked in the low key Suffolk street. Delancey street is simply so ugly. But I have to admit having Dunkin Donuts around the corner come pretty handy. And they're open 24 hours! Clinton street still keep changing. Freakatorium is gone. A new fansy looking wine shop opened. I didn't notice the spa before. There's another new building on the way, so as a few store fronts in works. More hipster bars and restaurants? There's not as much changes on Suffolk street, still my good old block.
on march 6, 2005 @ 12:43 am [link]

memories of this winter

Snowstorm from a week ago seems like so long ago already..

As I was leaving last night, I spot Jose hurrying across the street. "Jose!" He turns around and walks across, and gives me a hug. He's always in a hurry, always late, always so much to do. He's going home to Spain on Monday for a month and a half. "I'm not going to finish everything before I go." Always frustrated. "I guess you have to lower expectations sometimes." "Well, you have to think in smaller actions. If you list things to do in more specific simple items, you can see how much you can cross off each day, how much you're accomplishing." I give him a good advise as an older and wiser sister I am like to him. "You're right." "When you look at the bigger picture, or your ultimate goal, it seems like you're making a slow progress, but you ARE making progress, moving forward, and that's what it counts." This is what I try to tell myself so often. We just don't have enough time to do everything. "I guess I'll see you when I get back." "And then, you'll see the whole new SOY." My renovation project has been months of frustrating process, although it finally seems to be close to execution.
on march 4, 2005 @ 01:29 am [link]

check your junk

My mailbox is stuffed with junk mail each day, besides the countless bills I receive. Often I won't even open the obvious junk and trash them directly into the garbage. The other day I opened a mail from 'Arbitron Ratings' out of curiosity. I don't think I ever received something from this company. The thin envelope contained a letter, asking to join them for radio rating survey. But I don't really listen to the radio. I left the letter on the table. This morning I somehow noticed at the end of the letter: p.s. please find enclosed a token of our appreciation. The envelope happened to be still underneath the letter, in which I found a brand new one dollar bill. How sweet. I grabbed the money and went to the chinese bakery to buy my favorite coco butter bun.
on march 2, 2005 @ 01:17 am [link]

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