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March 2004

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Misty morning was just perfect for running, although it was a bit windy. When it's raining, I run under FDR Drive from Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn Bridge, which is also the most beautiful in the mist. One time there was a thick fog that made the other side of Brooklyn Bridge disappear in the milky white cloud. It wasn't so foggy this morning, but still made the scenery soft and beautiful. There were a small group of old Chinese people dancing (or some sort of martial art? I don't know) with ornamental swords under the bridge. Then there was a homeless man taking a leak. When I go to get my breakfast at a deli in my running attire, always someone starts talking to me. "You've been running!" I nod, with sweaty smile. People are often fascinated with crazy runners, especially under extreme wheater. But today was just perfect. I was thinking this is exactly what I would like it to be on my marathon day.

SLOWER.NET: 993 of 1508 - this is my eye candy. You can browse and get lost amonst wonderful photographs here.
on march 31, 2004 @ 10:45 pm [link]

sushi for lunch

Carlos wanted to learn how to make sushi, although he never tasted one. So I showed him how to do hand rolls and he found it delicious. He'll be doing a sushi dinner on Sunday. The other day my friend Orly was telling me that she doesn't like sushi. She would never buy it. As a Japanese, who eats sushi all the time, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, I didn't understand how anyone not like sushi, but I guess it's not for everyone.

Yesterday I told Guida that I write about her every day. She got so paranoid and had to check out my blog to find out the truth- I was kidding. I do write about her but all the naughty behavior will not be public. (I'm kidding!)
on march 30, 2004 @ 05:56 pm [link]

Fat Cat

I went to visit my friend Orly this evening. Her cat Scruffy is fatter ever. "Everyone says that, but I really don't see the difference." It's amazing how you cannot see the change seeing it every day. The cat is enormous; when she's spread on the floor on her tummy she looks like a big turtle with a cat's head. I thought my cat was fat.
on march 29, 2004 @ 01:24 am [link]

suspicious delivery man

Last night while on delivery, Carlos became a subject of racial profiling. "Hey, stop right there. You look suspicious." He was stopped by three big plain clothed police men as he hopped on the bicycle going from one delivery to another. They said he looked suspicious, and opened the insulated delivery bag and searched. With well-trimmed beard and cigarette in his mouth, I know he isn't a typical little mexican guy. Carlos was very upset. "I've never been in trouble with a police!" Even with a dirty apron and a delivery bag, they still suspected he could be a drug dealer because he's a Puerto Rican male. They wouldn't stop a little Mexican or Chinese. I want to file a complaint with the police.

Early evening was like 'early bird special.' SOY was filled with old people having pre-theater dinner. Seems like they have an 'old people's show' across the street this evening.
on march 27, 2004 @ 11:16 pm [link]

Mom, Dad, my grades were awful

Today I discovered that microsoft works on my computer came with this wizard that you can write a letter using convenient sample texts. The letters range anywhere from "congratulations on your divorce (or sorry for your divorce?)" to "charge on my bill I didn't make." And there were a few strange ones, such as the title. Here's my letter of "Mom, Dad, my grades were awful."

"I wish I could rewind my life like a videotape. Then I could start the last semester over and study harder, receive better grades, and not have to write this letter.
Unfortunately, I have to face reality, and that means admitting that my grades were awful. I'm angry with myself for not doing better. I guess I put my social life and campus activities ahead of hitting the books.
I'm making a renewed commitment to apply myself next semester. I know I have the potential to earn good grades, and seeing how awful it feels to do poorly, I won't shortchange myself again."

Or how about "Sorry I burnt a hole in your sofa."

"If you noticed that I skulked out of your house Saturday night, it was because I was so embarrassed I couldn't look you in the eye. I'm the one who burned the hole in your new sofa. I was so mortified, my first reaction was to run.
Please allow me to pay for the repair. I'd be happy to make arrangements with an upholsterer I've worked with to have the sofa picked up at your convenience. I'll call in a few days to find out what's best for you.
Aside from my blunder, it was one great party! Thanks for inviting me. I hope you'll forgive me for the accident and the unconscionable way I dealt with it."

I don't think I have a chance to use the letter about my grades, but please let me know if you have a new sofa in your house. I'll come and burn a hole in your new sofa, so I can write this wonderful letter.

My friend James I haven't seen in three years came stopped by. He went, "I have to tell you about my crazy life!" I'm not sure if he's reading this blog, so let me go ahead and write about it. He's been married a few years. About a month ago, four days before they were going to move to a house in upstate, he had to leave their apartment for a few hours and run some errands in the middle of packing things. He left a box unsealed, which contained a shoebox with his 'diary' inside. Somehow she knocked the box off or something, and there they were, his secret and private life was in her hand. Well, she started reading the diary from the days they were dating, expecting to find nice things he wrote about her. But instead, she read about 'other women' he had crash on or had slept with. He ended up moving my himself. He didn't seem to be totally unhappy about the whole thing; "It's a good chance to think over about my relationship. A lesson to be learned: Don't leave your personal diary unattended with your spouse.

The highlight of the day was when two fire engines pulled over in front of the store around 10 pm. I turned my head to make sure there was no fire in my kitchen. I stepped out and asked a hunky fireman, "Fire?" "You're the fire, baby." No, he didn't say that. He said something I didn't understand. He wasn't my type anyway, so I didn't ask again.

on march 25, 2004 @ 09:13 pm [link]

Oral Disco

Oral Disco- please don't ask me if this is serious. Maybe it's a good tool when you want to be left alone at a party. I wouldn't want to make out with a guy with a party in his mouth. I really don't want to go there.

My helper Carlos was curious what I'm telling my friends about him. When Orly came by yesterday, she told him, "I heard so much about you." She actually read about him here. He doesn't know the world knows about him. He says, "Boss, you're a strong person, you know that? You don't say no. You don't give up." Sometimes I do let it go, but most of the times I can push my limits. Instead of saying I can't do it, I'd try to find a solution.
on march 23, 2004 @ 02:56 pm [link]

My new Japanese bath salt is bright shocking pink. It's fragrance is supposed to be cherry blossom, but it basically smell like 'soap.' I was almost disappointed until I saw the color of water when it dissolved in the tub. It freakishly matched the dull pink-lavender color of my bathtub.

One movie that I probably saw the most times is Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders. In terms of a book, I religiously reread many parts of The World According to Garp by John Irving. This is also a book I bought the most times - I tend to lend or give this book away, then I buy a new copy for myself.
on march 23, 2004 @ 01:22 am [link]

Stranger things are known to exist

The Canonical List of Weird Band Names - I hope their music live(ed) up to their names. This is a huge list; I'm not going to waste my time going through it right now, but gonna bookmark it for those times I need to laugh a little.

Now the nice neighbor who's fighting to keep the median (that little island in the middle to keep opposit lanes separate) on Delancey Street came by with a flier urging residents to write to the Department of Transportation. I wrote about this before in the blog, and expressed my indifference. Some of the neighbors concern is that if they eliminate the median and allow the traffic to make left onto the outbound Williamsburg Bridge like in good old mid-90s, we'll have a traffic chaos, polution, and increased danger to children of Suffolk Street. As I read the lengthy letter she wants me to type up to keep her definition of democracy in the works, I changed my mind. As much as I like the 'offness' of Suffolk Street, increased traffic may slightly benefit my business. I lived on the block for 10 years now, and it was convenient to be able to drive right onto the bridge. I don't recall traffic has ever been so heavy on Suffolk Street. And ever since the median was created on Delancey street, it's harder to walk across Delancey Street because the traffic officers often ignore the pedestrians and keep the bridge bound traffic flowing. When I'm on my bicycle, trying to make it to the other side before the blind traffic officer start letting the cars pass failing to notice me diving into the street, more than once I've come close to crashing into the traffic. Then you get stuck in the middle until they unwillingly decide to stop the traffic and letting you cross. It's frustrating, and dangerous. And I tell you, they are mean. If they see you frustrated on the island, they let the traffic keep going. For more than one traffic cycle. I told my neighbor that I'll look into the letter to keep the situation diplomatic. But hell no. I'm not writing this letter. She wrote on the flier, "Here is your opportunity to make democracy work for you." Well, I'd rather reserve my democratic opinion for more important issues. I'd rather fight for gay marriage rights. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to gay marriages, but I'm opposed to marriages that require the goverments' permission. Why do we institutionalize our lives with legal trapholes defined by the 'state' so that those sneaky lawyers would benefit at the end? Funny thing about marriage is that they don't ask you why you're getting married when you get your marriage license, but you need a proper reason for getting divorced. In the instruction booklet for divorce proceedings, the first thing you read is: "Just because you don't get along with your spouse would not give you divorce." However, if your spouse refuses to have sex with you, it is a ground for divorce. Interesting, no?

My friend Orly stopped by this afternoon. It was really nice because I haven't seen her in a while. We had some quality girly gossip talk, which graphic details I am not going to share right here.

on march 22, 2004 @ 11:58 pm [link]


I went for a long run this morning to the west side. Hudson River was dull kahki green. It was chillier than I thought because of the gusting wind.

I'm an idea person. I have so many ideas. I have good ideas. I can sit all day and think about ideas. I have one too many ideas and perhaps that's one reason I can't stick to one thing. My parents think that I get bored easily, and that's definitely another reason. Unfortunately not being able to stick to one thing is generally considered bad. Well, that's what my parents think. "Multitalented people don't make money," my friend Val once said. He and his partner are those kind of people, too. "We've done so many things."

Went to the bike shop on Grand street and got new tires for my road bike. I picked up a New York City bike map while waiting. I'd like to do a tour of Manhattan island in the next few weeks then head to Rockaways when it gets warmer.

My friend Orly asked me what I write in my blog. What kind of things would I write to keep the reader interested? I don't know. Usually I write whatever that comes to mind not worrying about the end result. Other times I try to find something that may interest others. But I think what comes from the heart can be appreciated after all. A customer once said that she can feel that my heart is in the food I cook, and she really likes that. There's piece of me in my food (not literally!!), and piece of me on these pages.
on march 21, 2004 @ 05:14 pm [link]

spring equinox

Today was the first day of spring. It's also called vernal equinox - day and night are each 12 hours long. I was born on the eve of Autumn equinox. It was a beautiful spring day until rain started in the evening. Cheap strawberries are already plentiful in Chinatown. They are pretty but not very sweet, so I baked a strawberry bread. Carlos' girlfriend Loida came by today. "Boss, this is my fiance Loida." So I introduced myself, "Hi, I'm the boss."
on march 21, 2004 @ 01:45 am [link]

hello, my name is E.T.S.K.O.

Here's my cyborg name: E.T.S.K.O. or Electronic Troubleshooting & Scientific Killing Organism. Try The Cyborg Name Generator, another useless but fun tool.
on march 19, 2004 @ 04:09 pm [link]

new perspective

Global Rich List makes you feel richer than you think you are. Well, it gave me a new perspective on my 'wealth,' however, it's depressing to imagine that there's so much poverty out there. There was a passage in John Irving I'm currently reading that half the population in Bombay sleep on the street. But again, we can't just judge by numbers. Values are relative in time and space. So is outlook on life. Do I want to move to a place where I could be stinking rich surrounded by misery? More money would be nice, but I treasure 'priceless' qualities of my life Mastercard would love to put in their TV commercial.

It was supposed to be my big day, but it wasn't at all. My battle with hemorrhoids officially ended today with the doctor saying, "It looks good! It's pretty much gone. You don't have to come back." "That's it??" "That's it!" So I paid him $50 to tell me just that. I thought he was going to chop it off. "Well, it's like a piece of skin. I could take it out, but it really isn't necessary. It's better for you this way too." I guess. My medical trauma again turned out to be nothing. I lived happily ever after. My friend Michael came by this evening to find out what kind of painful procedure I had to go through. He also seemed to be disappointed with this anticlimactic ending. We concluded that we don't need doctors.
on march 18, 2004 @ 11:00 pm [link]

not your usual kitchen help

Carlos has been working with me for a week, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that he seems to be 'the one,' although he didn't seem like a usual kitchen help, meaning, a little Mexican guy. He's Dominican/Puerto Rican, which made me hesitate to hire him. When it comes to a kitchen help, Mexican guys know their way around the little space that gets to 100 degrees and stays like that the entire summer. They work their ass off for low pay with absolutely no complaint (at least verbally or in their attitude), they seem to pride their skills and eager to know more to stay professionally affluent. Because of the minimalist operation I have here, when I have find a help, I have to do it as soon as possible, leaving me no room to procrastinate. I usually have to decide in a couple of hours. This is always a tough decision, since I could really screw myself. Experienced workers, especially the ones who have already worked in Japanese restaurants cost me more than I can afford. But I have good experience with little Mexican guys who picked up stuff very quickly. This time around, there was a experienced little Mexican, a young little Mexican (younger guys usually learn faster), and Carlos. The experienced probably won't last because pay is not good enough. The young guy looked too shy. Carlos was more like the neighborhood Spanish guy who would tell me I'm looking goood. But I felt most comfortable with Carlos out of my candidates. He said he had been looking for work for six months, and he just wants to provide his family. I bought his straight forward honesty and decided on my gut feeling. And here he is, taking notes, paying attention to everything I do, asking me questions, singing while doing dishes, calling me 'hey, boss!' He says I'm a good boss that we can laugh at each other. He reads El Diario every day. He likes to watch The Learning Channel. He isn't really my usual kitchen help. He isn't also what I thought is a typical Dominican/Puerto Rican guy. There's been lots of nice surprises. Risk is always involved with the choices we make. Some choices would lead to disappointments and others to treasure. I'm glad that I didn't typecast this time.
on march 17, 2004 @ 10:59 pm [link]

I like New York in the snow

Wet, chilly, and windy. You may call it a nasty weather. But riding into the snow this morning I had one of those defining moment. I like the change in the weather. I like the surprises. Yesterday was a perfect picnic weather, and today we're back to blizzard. Now, I had a choice between being miserable with wet snow clinging around my neck, jumping right into my eyes, gloves getting soggy, but instead I was fascinated. I loved New York in the snow. It was quiet. There was this stillness in the air. All of a sudden the clot was clearing out from my throat, blood, brain. I rode through thick cloud of steam rising from the street. I absolutely love the simulants from nature to feed my impulse. Snow makes me want to play in the Central Park. Makes me want to write. Makes me want to bake. Makes me want to cook warm soup.

On this snowy day Guida headed down to the city of sin, Las Vegas that is. Not Rikers Island.

Yesterday Meeth stopped by. She lives in D.C., but thinking about going to law school at Brooklyn College. But she's not sure if she'd really like living in New York. She doesn't think people are nice here, which I debated. At least in the Lower East Side I find people extra friendly. Coming from Tokyo, this city is extra warm. A common behavior in Japan is that they pretend 'not noticing' when someone is in trouble. I had a customer from DC last year, who said that he always met the nicest people when he came to New York. And of course the friendliest man, my friend Sid was hanging out in the restaurant. They started saying to each other, "you look familiar." Then they talked for a while and decided that they don't know each other. But they had a friendly conversation anyway. I personally don't know why people have the misconception that New York is a cold unfriendly place to be.

Then Meeth and I talked about books for a while. I told her that I'm reading John Irving's 'a son of the circus.' I told her I'd give it to her when I finish, because it's about an expatriate Indian doctor visiting Bombay, and she's Indian. Being an expatriate myself, the novel describes 'being a foreigner' quite accurately. Let me share a passage from the part I was reading last night in the tub. (I like to read while taking a bath, so all my books get soggy after a while.) "Dreamlessly, the noonday passed. Teh beach geban to cool. A slight breeze rose; it softly gave sway to the hammock where Dr. Daruwalla lay digesting. Something had left a sour taste in his mouth - the doctor suspected the vindaloo fish or the beer - and he felt flatulent. Farrokh opened his eyes slightly to see if anyone was near his hammock - in which case it would be impolite for him to fart - " Oh, how I love John Irving.
on march 16, 2004 @ 02:46 pm [link]

Afternoon in the penny park

My crazy friend Bryan took me to a tour of the "penny park" (Battery Park City : Tom Otterness) this chilly gray afternoon. It's at the end of Chambers Street in the Battery Park City: a wonderland-like-yet-cynical-and-whimsical representation of the world we live in. He showed me through the sculptures with his social and philosophycal commentary. "Notice this penny person has a revolutionary hat." "This penny person is a middle management. He's got a tie." "This is a 'corporation.'" "This is what I call a representation of all thoughts, but it is also based on 'pennies.'" "And I still haven't found a penny with a head up." Totally fascinating little park, which I run by all the time in the last 5 years, but never took a close look at it. It was such a nice pleasure to finally find it.
on march 14, 2004 @ 11:35 pm [link]

for all your baby needs

eBaby - Your Personal Baby Trading Community - this will come handy for all those newly-wed gay couples. I like the flavored babies.

All the spanish guys sing when they do the dishes. Carlos sings quite a bit. He calls me 'hey, boss." I don't think he knows my name. On his third day, he's already high up on the employee of the month nomination. He keeps my kitchen well organized. He has no experience with Japanese food, but paying a lot of attention to everything I do. "I'm gonna learn so much with you." He seems to be welcoming the challenge of learning whole new cuisine. It's actually rare to see someone who takes this work really seriously. He likes the word 'crazy.' He tells me about crazy this, crazy that, and of course he thinks I'm crazy doing everything and thinking too much.

Almost all the CDs skips now. I think my stereo is tired. He wants to retire.

on march 13, 2004 @ 07:11 pm [link]

late night

The contractor next door is still working in the storefront. I hear banging. He got here 9 am this morning. Boy, I thought I work long hours.

Meet Carlos, my new helper. He's happy to be working after 6 months being out of work. After 3 days without help I was very happy to have him too.
on march 12, 2004 @ 12:32 am [link]

secret hideout

Three Japanese electricians working next door came for lunch. "Your food is absolutely delicious!" To see the way they cleared the plates was so delightful, but one of the guys went, "This place is wonderful, and the food is amazing. I'm not going to tell anyone. I'm going to keep SOY as my secret hideout!" Not good for business, but still flattering.
on march 10, 2004 @ 11:56 pm [link]

another day

My helper Alex had himself fired by not showing up. That wasn't the only reason but it gave the final push. These spanish workers are very, very hard-working if they show up. But unfortunately they are also very undependable. They will not steal, but they lie. They come and go. Luckily it takes only about 2 days to find a replacement. So I had another hectic day. But it's over and dishes are clean and I managed to pass another day of crisis with a smile. Always with a smile. My feet are a bit swollen but I don't feel all that tired.

Lara sent me email thanking me for the sushi class last Saturday. She also said that Micheal thinks I'm the "cat's meow."

The Japanese hair salon next door is coming along. They put the new aluminum frame up front and suddenly the space magically appeared en view. I thought about my friend Bartholomew who died in that space three years ago. He would like what they're doing to the space. He lived in the windowless dark storefront too long. I have a postcard he sent me when he was having the time of his life in Amsterdam on the wall behind the counter. Yes, that one with tulips. He was so nervous and excited about the trip, because he never travelled. I helped him get his passport and book hotels in Amesterdam and Paris. He never got to see SOY. But sometimes I feel that he's around. He's happy to see what I've done.

I need a vacation. And a hair cut.
on march 10, 2004 @ 12:33 am [link]

one woman show

I had send Alex home in the afternoon because he was sick. Then I had the whole stage all for myself, which is not so bad unless it gets busy. And it didn't. Guida came by and cried. Feeling alone, frustrated, feeling stuck- all familiar to me, but I haven't cried in a long time. I may give a cooking class to 30 people in an office. If this comes through, I'm going on a vacation, which I deserve.
on march 8, 2004 @ 10:45 pm [link]

sexy food

The last customer Saturday evening was a woman who moaned with joy over my food. Then she totally had her moment over red bean tofu pudding! "Oh, my! This is decadent!" It was funny and sort of surreal. She works for Pokemon. That's what she said. A nice woman, though.
on march 8, 2004 @ 12:09 am [link]


When you flip open Guida's cell phone, it greets you "Hey Gorgeous." So I changed mine to say "Hi Sunshine." And we have the same kind of phone.
on march 7, 2004 @ 11:48 pm [link]

where did "u" go?

In case you're wondering, my name legally spells with 'u' as Etsuko. But I started dropping u out so people (I mean Americans in general) can get the pronounciation correctly. I'm still getting used to how it looks written - Etsko looks like a mistake. But the result if beautiful. Everyone gets the pronounciation right the first time, instead of "EtsUko."
on march 6, 2004 @ 09:24 pm [link]

sushi at SOY

This afternoon I gave a "Sushi Master" class. "Rice is sticking everywhere on my hands!!" Students panicked. I came in for rescue. "Everything is going to be ok! Just wet your hands!" After a long hour of hard training but excellent guidance, all my students graciously mastered the art of sushi making and went out to look for a job as a sushi chef. Not really. But the class was so much fun. We stuffed ourselves with California rolls that came in all kinds of shapes (unintentionally). Then we made hand rolls that perfectly fits in your hand and melt in your mouth. Or stomach. Spicy tuna, red snapper, mackerel, mountain yam & umeboshi.. boy, we had a feast.

Then my friend Guida stopped by. "How was the class?" "Excellent. It was all guys too." which was true. There was only one woman in the class, and the rest were men. "Damn, I'm jealous!" So we agreed that I should have more sushi classes so she can come hang out.

At 5 pm my helper Alex was nowhere to be found. I was already getting calls for delivery plus walk-in customers. The sink was full of dishes from the class, nothing was set up. So Guida starts dancing around, bubbling stuff, to distract the customers so they won't notice how long the order was taking. She also made a deliverly down the block and made a nice fat tip. "It's me, isn't it?" Yes, tall and sweet Brazilian like her definitely deserve a big tip. She was totally an angel. Later Alex finally shows up, 1 hour and 40 minutes late. I just couldn't understand it. As a Japanese, I show up to places on time. My friends laughed that I even showed up 'on time' where they were cheering in the Central Park during the marathon. Coming to work that late, I would expect to be executed on the spot. So I really don't understand it. Guida went off to chant nam myo ho renge kyo for individual happiness and world peace. I personally don't believe that a religion is an answer, but often these chanting people are very nice.
on march 6, 2004 @ 09:18 pm [link]

human washing machine - "hirb"

Did you see the article on the front page of New York Times today? Yes, another hi-tech robot Japan proudly presents: human washing machine named "hirb". It's kind of sad to see the old lady so happy trapped in this box. But she says it's comfortable, so I guess it's a good thing. Here is the article.
Japan loves robots, computers and anything automatic. Even local small retail grocery stores often have automatic doors. Taxi cabs all have automatic doors. It opens and closes for you. After I left Japan, this fascinated me everytime I went home. Plus those robotic looking pretty people who politely bows and greets you at the door of every department store. I'm pretty sure automatic flushing toilet is Japanese invention too. A big public restroom may have a display on the wall with lights and chimes to show which stool is vacant. (It's true! I've seen it in a train station!) I mentioned the hiney washing toilet seat, which is very popular for a long time. Every robotic pets are also Japanese invention, right?
on march 5, 2004 @ 06:59 pm [link]

This girl's night out

I sabotaged work early and went to see my friend Susie Ibarra play at Tonic. She's not only sweet and fun, but extremely talented. Tonight was her trio, and they played fantastic avant-jazz music. I was so taken by the wonders she created with her drums and percussion. Hope you can all go see her next time.
on march 4, 2004 @ 12:28 am [link]

Hina Matsuri - Girls' Day!

"Happy Girls' Day!" My friend Michael brought me girly Japanese stickers. Today March 3rd is 'Hina Matsuri' in Japan, also known as Peach festival or Doll festival, when young girls (really young- under 12 years old) get together in front of decorative dolls like these and drink sake, hense celebrating the 'sisterhood.' Not really. It's a traditional holiday, which means that they (parents, teachers, neighbors, and all the other evil adults!) want girls to be girly girls as possible and marry off someone rich as soon as possible. Really. It's a 'conspiracy against girls' day. And these dolls are supposed to be on display only for a week or two; if you don't put away the dolls after the festival, the girl in the household will get married late, they say. We had the dolls of the couple (the top row in the picture) in my family, which at some point stayed in display all year round. But I did get married once anyway. So I broke the spell.
on march 3, 2004 @ 10:29 pm [link]

have you seen a Scooby-Doo dog?

According to my friend Ping's daughter Jenny (6 years of age), "Scooby-Doo" is a breed of dog. "It's true! I saw a Scooby-Doo dog! They really exist!"
on march 3, 2004 @ 04:47 pm [link]

No. 1 fan

My father emailed this morning: "I enjoy reading your 'blog,' but sometimes the words you use are not in the dictionary. I couldn't find 'blog' either. What is it anyway?" Oh, isn't that cute. My retired and bored father is trying to understand what the hell I'm writing about with his English-Japanese dictionary in his hand. 'Blog' is a pet frog of Oprah Winfrey, dad! (I don't think Oprah is in the dictionary, either. Sorry to confuse you. She's a popular TV personality who's sometimes mistaken as Uma Thurman.) Every morning when she says hello to the frog, somehow he reminds her to write down some of her thoughts of the moment. Geez (a kind of cheese that comes from Long Island, New York), I thought everyone knew about this!

on march 2, 2004 @ 11:07 pm [link]

still testing

I'm still in the middle of implementing this weblog program into the site. Don't worry. It will get there. If the page looks funky please do not worry. You're not hallucinating. In the meantime, I'm charmed with these smileys that came with the program.
big grin
on march 2, 2004 @ 02:04 pm [link]

new weblog page

My father has requested for functionality of adding comments to this weblog. Since I'm a good daughter who would try please my retired and bored father, I've been working on the new weblog page. I'm still configuring and testing. Hopefully presentable later. hehe
on march 1, 2004 @ 09:45 pm [link]

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