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February 2011

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Today Taiyo turned 17-months-old. Tonight at Rosa's, she told him to go get his jacket in Spanish. He then ran to the stroller to get his jacket, and Rosa and I both went "oh, my god..!" when he start putting it on himself. This past weekend, we had a busy one with a trip to Intrepid, then the Hall of Science in Queens, where he had tons of hands on fun activities. At the Science museum, he was chased by a little bigger toddler girl because she wanted to pet him. Her father told me that she pets her baby sister at home. This afternoon, Namazzi, who I once knew as a little boy just like Taiyo now, but with bigger feet than mine today, was entertained to watch Taiyo slurping ramen noodles. Oh, by the way, SOY turned just 9-years-old last week. I thought, "How young I was when I opened this restaurant!"
on february 25, 2011 @ 01:34 am [link]


I thought it was appropriate attire for Super Bowl Sunday- so Taiyo was wearing a Green Bay Packers' shirt, which was found among hand-me-downs. No, but he actually didn't care too much for the game. He kept insisting to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba" DVD instead. Earlier today we made it over the bridge to visit Erin. Taiyo enjoyed leaving little footsteps on clean snow on her roof. Then we had a brunch in a busy hipster joint down the street. They made us wait for a long time because they wanted to seat us at a table for two, instead of four- Taiyo didn't count as a person to them. He was very cranky, screaming at the top of his lungs, and finally when they seated us at a table, he knocked down a glass of water. Then later a waitress yelled at us that it was dangerous for him to be running around. It could be a hostile world for a little person out there, even for Taiyo who puts smile on most people's faces. Later on Delancey street, an old Chinese man stopped us and gave Taiyo a little red envelope with new year money. I was a bit puzzled; why is he giving him money? Does he want us to join his church or something? But no, he didn't ask for anything. He only asked me, in Japanese, "Are you Japanese or Chinese?" "I'm Japanese." "I'm Chinese." I was still puzzled, but just thanked the old man and went on our way. Taiyo held the red envelope tight in his hand. We encountered a Lion dance on Grand Street. Happy New Year.
on february 7, 2011 @ 12:39 am [link]

something new every day

This morning Taiyo kept asking me to put Coco, my almost-21-year-old cat, into his arms. So I let him hold her for a moment, then he would put his face agaist her boney back. After we did that for a bunch of times, I walked away to do something, then when I turned around, he was holding Coco in his arm with a triumphal smile. I gasped, then went to look for my camera, but when I returned of course it was too late- Coco was on the floor, and Taiyo was simply intrigued with the hair he can pull out from this poor old cat. Then he was just so fascinated with the cat hair stuck on his little hands. Lynne keeps saying, "oh, he's a genius. He really is." Of course as his mother I always think he is, but it's so nice to hear from others. I got him a yellow monkey today, and he kept saying "Nana," which I thought because the monkey was yellow like a banana, but the monkey was wearing a little shirt with a banana printed on. Sometimes we don't notice simplest things.
on february 3, 2011 @ 12:31 am [link]

looking forward to more

The lady at the laundromat asks me everytime we go there, "What were you eating while you were pregnant? He's so happy all the time! What's the secret?" I don't know. I say I ate everything I wanted to eat. I kept working and I kept working out. I was running until I was 8-month pregnant! Then I had to switch to swimming because I sprained my ankle. The kitchen became smaller because I was bigger, but I kept cooking, serving, lifting, and of course I was on my bicycle until the day before I started to feel contractions. But mostly I feel just lucky to have my baby, and in my eyes he's not always so happy, and he would give me enough hair-pulling, teeth-grinding moments with his screams, tears, and leg-kicking tantrums, but oh yes he is just the most amazing baby ever. If we have more snow this week, he will be so excited. Just after this week's snow, I told Taiyo, "We have to do 'Yuki Kaki (snow shoveling)!' Then he started chanting, "Kaki! Kaki!" grabbed the shovel and marched right out the door onto the sidewalk.
on february 1, 2011 @ 01:11 am [link]

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