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February 2010

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another day goes by

So every day zips by faster than ever. And the baby grows up. Now he laughs, grabs, holds stuff with both hands, puts stuff in his mouth, drools, scraches my face, follows movements of people and things, takes soother in and out of his mouth, sleeps less, bubbles away and so on. And I have more laundry to do, have to wash his bottles, changes his diaper, remember when I fed him and how much, pick his clothes, and make sure he has a hat, socks, and warm jacket, then of course I have to dress myself for the weather also. So of course I forget things, I forget to put lipstick on, or to take gloves or sunglasses. They are not as important. I forgot about running pretty much. I just have to remember that there's enough diapers and milk for him. I keep track of how much he's eating or sleeping. My friends ask me how I'm adjusting to being a mother, and I answer that I guess I'm doing all right because he's healthy and thriving. He seems happy most of time. A kid grows up so fast because the time goes by so much faster. There was never enough time before, now there is really no time for anything. So I may forget to take care of myself, call my friends, or do a little cooking I thought I could do if he took a long nap, which is rare these days. But he chuckles and smiles every morning and for the time being that's all what matters to me.
on february 2, 2010 @ 12:25 am [link]

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