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January 2006

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01/27/2006: "no more milk"

It suddenly occured to me that my cat may be lactose intolerant. Why didn't I ever think of that?! I didn't always give her milk, because when I was growing up we always had a bowl of milk out for her. Last month I was giving her milk at night before I go to bed, since she lovesit, and she almost always woke me up with her whiny belly aching kind of meow every morning. So early like at 7 or 6 o'clock, sometimes even earlier. I noticed she hasn't been doing that lately. Then I realized that I haven't been giving her milk. I said, she must be lactose intolerant! And I thought it was really funny- then Kathy confirmed with me that cats can be lactose intolerant, especially when older. I did some research and found out most cats are lactose intolerant! Quite fascinating. Milk also has very little to no nutritinal value for cats, they say. It's supposed to be kitty junk food. So my kitty had some junk food and had bellyache in the morning. Poor thing. But no more junk for my kitty.

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