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12/20/2005: "strike!"

Not long ago, the only full-time employee at SOY (me) told the company (me) that she wants the health benefits. She threatened the company that she'd go on strike. There'll be no spicy tuna. There'll be no Niku Jaga. The company said, that's terrible! We have to give our customers spicy tuna, niku jaga, treasure sacks, gyozas, and numerous other wonderful food! They had a little talk at the headquarter (SOY) and the employee got her health benefits.

But seriously, things are not looking as good in real life. Fortunately I should be able to operate normally my business, since my commute is probably about 100 feet door to door. Most of my suppliers are in the neighborhood. I may even have more business if people stay home. I'm just very sorry for the voiceless people who have no job security, no benefits, no pension plans. And 400 million-dollar financial losses the city may go through if it happens. We'll be paying for it long-term. It's holiday season, too. Very, very, very important time for many businesses. I was in retail many years, too. It shouldn't be the time for anxiety. Why couldn't they wait until after new year? I don't know. Why do New York City has to go through another threat, created among us? I've been very furious over this. Why do we have to pay for other people's benefits? The other day I saw a group of people in front of Starbucks on second avenue with placards. They were Starbucks workers union. I thought it was a joke in the beginning, but there were a few police officers, too. They were demanding 'something.' I didn't know that Starbucks had a union nor the workers had problem with Starbucks. They want retirement age of 55? They don't get raise every year? I was curious.

Midnight came and went. They didn't reach the agreement. How unfortunate if they go on strike now. As an employer and a small business owner, I personally won't feel sympathetic to the union if they decide to screw everybody in the city for their benefit. I've been feeling so restless. I should turn off the TV and go take a bath.

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