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December 2005

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12/13/2005: "icicles, icicles"

Last week on my morning run, I had a first 'sweat icicle' of the season; when it gets cold enough, my sweat would freeze on my hair. I won't notice when I come back home and it starts melting around my neck. Then I know that's it's damn cold outside. It's 25 degrees out right now. It's definitely sweat icicle weather.

My cat had eye infection and was crying all weekend. This morning finally her eye was dry and I was so happy. Although she's becoming such a whiny old kitty who wakes me up 6 o'clock in the morning, I'd like her to stay healthy and live forever and ever.

Tonight I had to go to a community board meeting for my liquor license application. My girls were terrified; it was the first time they'd be running the place without me. I was very nervous because I was told that it could be a very intimidating. Last meeting supposedly ran til 1:30 in the morning. Girls had a rough crazy hour without me, but I shouldn't have worried about the community board meeting. It was rather painless. they had no objection because my hours are good and it's such a small place. Officer Lurch from the precinct also confirmed that there had been no complaints against SOY. So rejoice everyone! Beer and sake will be coming next year!

New cooking class schedule is up. Great for gifts too. I'd also like to remind you that SOY Money can be also be purchased for your holiday gifts!

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