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December 2005

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12/03/2005: ""

After a week of unseasonably warm weather, mercury is quickly dropping again. The other day I passed by Hell's Angels' headquarters and noticed a new building next to them. It had a big banner handing that said: "New York Law School." I bet that is a good environment for the students to study under their neighbors watch. Interesting.

A bunch of young Japanese people are showing up this week at SOY. At first I thought some high school kids came. They turned out to be performers for a Japanese drumming and dance performance across the street. They are rehearsing very hard for days fueled by our food. I'm hoping to catch the show this weekend.

Today was Rikako's birthday. Hayashi kun and Ippo kun showed up with lots of beer. Ikko san brought a bottle of champaigne. My missing boy Komuro san sneaked in and left a cake. Later Kathy joined for the dessert. We tend to have a nice little parties on Fridays. Rikako kept saying that she was so happy to be working at SOY. It is really nice to have her.

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