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11/02/2005: "Halloween 2005"

If you didn't stop by on Halloween, this is what you've missed. Pictured here: Yuri as a cute convict, me in my lime green bathrobe and green mask, Rikako as a little blue girl, and Kathy as a spider which none of us noticed at first thinking she's just wearing extra sweaters around her neck with sleeves hanging around her body. I got many good laughs from customers, except one guy who totally showed no reaction seeing me in my halloween attire. Bunch of kids in dresses, masks, and capes stopped by on their trick-or-treating. Later Elliot came by with Frankenstein face. Then Jemma came down with her 50s outfit. She looked so pretty as usual. Yuri's cell mate Taiga showed up in time for dinner. As if we didn't have enough fun working in our costumes, we went to Barramundi and competed in a costume contest against other crazies, but we didn't win. But it was just about enough fun for the day.

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