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October 2005

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10/30/2005: "This is the beginning of the Marathon week"

Refreshed after the extra hour of sleep, I biked uptown to run Marathon kickoff 5-mile race in the Central Park. Trees were just beginning to change their color. I had another good race, with a strong finish. We finished now empty bleacher seats built for the next week's big race.

My afternoon weekend project one: lamp repair in my apartment. I ended up blowing the fuse three times, adding many trips to the basement and a hardware store. I concluded that something was wrong with the light socket I just bought, and decided to give it up for now. Then second project: changing the door knob for the bathroom in the restaurant. It wasn't extremely smooth but I completed my first door knob project. The old door knob had cracked plastic parts inside; no wonder it didn't lock! Now your privacy in the bathroom is assured.

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