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October 2005

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10/18/2005: ""

Beaufil sunday morning, I was heading to my first out of town race in Croton. I went to pick up a Zip car and as soon as I pulled out of the garage, there was loud scratching noise from underneath the car. I pulled over, and found a part of the panel under the hood hanging. I called them up and the guy on the line said, "Can you tie it up? I give you some driving credit!" So that was what I did. As much as I like the concept and system of Zip car, their vehicle are not so well maintained. There were also dog hair all over the seats. So what? I was heading to my race in the hope of getting my first win in America. It was a very nice and challenging 10K race in Croton-on-Hudson, through scenic hills and over the dam. The bridge over the dam was the most spectacular little stretch I've ever run! Too bad we had such warm weather the trees weren't showing any color yet. Very strong looking mascular woman passed me early in the race. Who I thought was a long-haired boy ahead of me turned out to be a girl. So I came in as the third female. I brought home a shiny cup which was good enough. Serious hill running really tired me out, and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home eating ice cream and watching South Park.

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