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October 2005

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10/08/2005: "running in the rain"

I was planning to do 20-mile training run in the Central Park this morning. But when I got up at 5:30am it was raining a lot. I don't mind running in the rain, but 3-hour run in that rain didn't feel appetising. I was so unprepared; I needed to pack extra change of close and shoes, plus I won't be able to take my bike uptown. Should I take 20-dollar cab ride to 102nd street, or long ride on the subway? I quickly voted for sleeping in. For weeks I hadn't been catching up on my beauty sleep. So that was what I did. I slept until afternoon and then went out for a 'short' 10-mile run to the west side. It was still raining heavy at times plus gusting wind. With very few people out running or strolling it was a beautiful gray afternoon on Hudson.

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