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September 2005

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09/24/2005: "It was my day"

My mother called me in the morning and lamented that her daughter was getting old. But my day was nothing to mourn for. Flowers, cakes and cards arrived. Kazumi and Rikako showed up on their off night. Gigantic cake was sent by Komuro san. Kathy came down with homemade brownies. Kazu walked in with a big bottle of of Wild Turkey. I didn't plan anything but suddenly there was a party. My good customers happened to walk in and join. In fact the place was so lively all day and night. One of the customers who joined in the party made me a little green cake out of our menu. Ikko san helped with cleaning as he promised. After closing was 'SOY after hours' with more music and dancing with my boys. "It will be like this every day when you get your liquor license." Is it going to be my birthday everyday? Flowers and presents certainly put smile on my face.

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