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09/20/2005: "wishes"

The happy faces on the cover of SOY webside this week are: Asteria and Sid, my running friends. And he is the man with incredible runner's high. Can you believe he's 66 years old? Yes, he looks so happy with his plate of curry & croquette. Being newly-weds may also help. "Oh, look, she's making us famous!" He smiled even more when I was uploading their picture on the website. I don't have to make them famous; they are the friendliest people in the New York running community. They are really fast, too.

Saturday was my lucky race where I placed the highest in New York races for the past three years. This year I wasn't as lucky but ran a good race and took home an award for 4th in my age group.

Yesterday was a big long run: 20 miles through the Central Park. It was a beatiful afternoon with live music here and there around the park. In the evening my cat caught a mouse. First she presented the dead prey in front of me who was watching "Sweet Sweetbacks Baadassss Song." Then she started hurling it into the air doing her victory dance. "Oh, gross! Cut it out, Coco!" Although she was having such a great time, (this was the first mouse she came across in probably like 7 years) I had to confiscate the little corpse.

My birthday is coming up and Jarm is wondering what my birthday wishes are. Off the top of my head:
1. a DVD player (I recently realized that Blockbuster only has DVDs now.)
2. Ethernet card (I'm finally getting DSL! But my desktop computer doesn't have the card.)
3. a massage (it's my peak training period I can use a real massage.)
4. some cool music I've never heard of (always useful)
5. flowers (always nice)
6. hugs and kisses (always!!)
7. world peace (who wouldn't wish for this?)

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