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09/13/2005: "anniversary"

The anniversary came. It was our day of remembrance. It's been four years since that day and days following when we cried, feared, and hugged each other. We lit candles. We cheered for rescue workers. We offered help. We inquired about our lives. It was such a harsh visual imagery which so many of us witnessed with our own eyes that changed our lives forever. I don't think I'd be where I am now if we didn't have 9-11. That traumatic experience of witnessing the collapse of two towers gave me courage to change. So as much as it was terrifying and sad days we had to endure, I am grateful this experience gave me courage and insights.

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on Sunday, September 18th, jarm said

Hi.Just wanted to take this time to pre-wish you a Happy Birthday!We're curious...What'cha want for your B-day?sometimes when ya say things out loud it comes to ya.anywho have a great B-day & be happy

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