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09/11/2005: "yet another crazy Saturday"

It was another crazy runners gathering this morning: NYC marathon Tune-up 18-mile race in the Central Park. Weather was just beautiful, 70 degrees and sunny. I really wasn't expecting much of myself, after the half-marathon two weeks ago where I tanked only after 4 miles in humidity. I'm feeling seriously undertrained this year, and I thought I'd try to run easy and steady. But this turned out to the first race this year where I felt comfortable putting some effort. I placed 18th in women and took home an award for 5th in my age group. Good for me! Although I was feeling really good after the race of course my body was tired. I came home and took an ice bath while chanting a Buddhist sutra. That was my moment of zen.

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on Monday, September 12th, AzianBrewer said

Nice seeing you at the race.

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