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September 2005

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09/01/2005: "my baby is freaked out"

My laptop has been freaked out on and off since monday morning, when I spilt small amount of water. I thought this was a minor accident compared to the time I poured a whole glass of water on top; that time water came out when I tilted the laptop, but it was fine the next morning. For the past few days I have procrastinated over whether to take it to a repair and rent one for the weekend. Oh how I'd feel powerless without a computer! But sometimes you have to live dangerously. Although sometimes I cannot type L or A, and although my laptop cries out with lots of short beeps when I start it, I think I'm going to take this baby for a short trip to the woods. After numerous phone calls this morning, I found my Indian geek to repair my laptop. He diagnosed that I need a new keyboard from what I told him what was going on, which was my assumption. He's gotta be good to find out the problem without physically looking at the machine!

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