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August 2005

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08/15/2005: "weekend"

It felt like the worst heat of this summer yesterday. It was already 90 degrees out when I ran out at 9 o'clock in the morning. This morning it was only eighty-something but it felt even worse again because I did 10 miles. I went to see new Wong War Kai movie 2046. I must say I was greatly disappointed. It was way too pretentious for me. After the lightenings and shower it finally cooled down a bit. It's 74 degrees right now. This injured pigeon is stuck above the doorway next door at the hair salon. They left the gate open for him obviously. It survived in the heat overnight, but still not coming down. I'm really worried if it survives another night in the humidity.

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on Wednesday, August 17th, AzianBrewer said

My friend and I ran 6 miles along the West Side Hwy at around 8 am on that Sunday!. Man, I nearly throw in the towel and ready to collapse!

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