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07/31/2005: "No time to pee"

Time is flying and days going by at top speed. We were pretty busy through out the night, and there were moments that I wanted to go to the bathroom but just didn't have the time. Those are the times when I think of my mother; while working at home making sweaters, she would sometimes ask me, "Etsko, go to bathroom for me! I really want to finish this thing right now..." Tonight, I really thought about that and understood perfectly.

Since we've been listed in Time Out magazine in TONY's 100, (Kazumi thought it was 'Mr. Tony's list.' "So, Mr. Tony was here, I guess. He wrote about you." She said. I said, "Kazumi, Mr. Tony doesn't exist.") which I found out in the third week because no one told me, we've been pretty busy. I'm making so many treasure sacks. I wrapped so many gyoza's this week. Cooking away during the heat wave, working, sweating, day in and day out. I had to go see a periodontist and this funny Jew told me that he has to treat me agressively. But I'm feeling really good. Maybe because I go running or swimming in the morning. Maybe because I feel that my customers truly enjoy my food. Maybe because I gave another great cooking class and sent out a few more sushi masters to the world this afternoon. Maybe because I just bought a really nice Japanese knife and feeling like a real chef, or a samurai with a shiny new sword. And because I will be spending my afternoon on the beach tomorrow. I'm pretty content.

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