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July 2005

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07/07/2005: ""

I spent the July 4th weekend on the beach of Cape May doing nothing. The cute Victorian resort town was full of fat white Americans, but it wasn't too crowded on the beach. It was so nice for a change to be doing nothing. I also had some greatest crab cakes.

There's two bicycles in front of SOY by the street sign pole which I believed to be abondaned, since they've been staying there for at least about 6 months. One of the bicycles began to get ripped apart as a fate of street-parked bicycles; both front and rear wheels are missing. Now, I noticed very curious thing recently. These bicycles are locked together but not on the sign pole. They are double locked with each other but just in fact resting against the pole. I am quite sure that they used to be also locked to the pole, but not anymore. Did the owner of the lock came and unlocked the bikes off the pole but left two bicycles (one bike entact and a frame of the other) locked together leaning against the pole? Why no one's taking them already? Although Margit refer me as "all-knowing grandmother of the Lower East Side "(really, Margit. I'm not that old.. yet) I have absolutely no explanation to this.

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