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06/26/2005: "beautiful moments"

My friend Orly, who's like my Jewish sister, got married this hot summer afternoon. They had a beautiful ceremony in an art gallery in Chelsea. It was a great reunion of friends I know for 12 years or more. Being the only one in the party with a still camera, (of course everyone got digital cameras) I realized that I was the official photographer at the occasion. After a few drinks at the reception at Paladar, I felt so sentimental I cried as I hugged her. What a lightweight I am these days.

By the time I went out on my evening run, heat subsided slightly. The scenary at dusk on Hudson was amazing: the hazy sky and calm river was in the same gorgeous rosey grey. Cruise ships slid across the water in front of the Statue of Liberty. It was getting dark on the way back by Battery Park, which was filled with twinkles of fireflies. Another magical moment.

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