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June 2005

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06/21/2005: "girls' talk overheard"

I overheard two female customers as they picked up their lunch. "Look what I got. Jealous?" She pointed something on her neck, right under her chin. Of course I was thinking what were you thinking. A little hickey? "What is it?" "A pimple!" "Oh, you should pop it." Now, why would she be jealous of a pimple on her neck?

I'm reading the "Book of Samurai" which contains some interesting wisdom for samurai warriors of 18th century.
"No matter whaht it is, there is nothing that cannot be done. If one manifests the determination, he can move heaven and earth as he pleases. But because man is pluckless, he cannot set his mind to it. Moving heaven and earth without putting froth effort is simply a matter of concentration." I truly believe this.

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