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June 2005

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06/02/2005: "swimming with the sailors, that's what I really wanted to do"

I was tempted to go hang out with the sailors, but I stuck with my initial plan of more improvements in the store. A year ago, I spent my Memorial day weekend laying tiles. This year I spent some quality time laying more tiles. Please admire new tiles on the floor by the bathroom at your next visit to SOY. Yesterday Kazu and Ippo, tile layers, approved of my work. I also spent two hours in a gym for a vigorous personal training session with my running friend Rickie. Oh, my, the things he made me do! He made me do some serious work out of my leg muscles. Then he gave me screaming torturous stretch that almost made me cry. But my whole body felt lighter after that. He said, "No running tomorrow." Well, I really wasn't in a shape for a run the next day. So I treated myself for a swimming session. Not with the sailors though. I got caught in a light rain on the way back, and of course had to make a stop at my favorite Home Depot. We've been having really busy days at SOY. Please be patient if our deliveries are a bit late.

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