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05/29/2005: "things that happened today"

Heat was in this morning, and quickly left with dark clouds in the afternoon. It was such a tease with taste of summer. When I came back with my weekly laundry ritual, my friend Cecilia was just about call my name "EZUKO!" (that's how she says it) under my window. It was so nice to see her, looking so cute and happy, although her marriage is failing and she just quit her job. I was expecting a quiet evening for the holiday weekend, but we had pre-theater rush, then after the gig musicians' crowd. This is when the fatal mishap happend as I went back and forth trying to get things moving. I officially became the one who spilt curry on She was really nice about it, but I couldn't charge her curry & croquette on the bill. Miho Hatori's back. I was probably upset than she was to ruin the pretty lavendar coat of our local Japanese celebrity. Of all these years working in restaurants, I've never ruined anyone's clothes (or body or makeup or computer or cellphone or ipod) until tonight. So I couldn't ask her to take a picture with me on my new digital camera, which I'll be taking more picture of my cat Coco, like other owners of pet and digital camera would.

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