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05/25/2005: "he'll be missed"

Daisuke finished his last duty at SOY last night. He's going back to Japan in two weeks. So I took him out for a drink around the corner after work. We talked about dogs and cats over beer. It was really fun to work with this bubbly guy; yesterday he walked in and went, 'I was watching my favorite show ER and couldn't stop crying!!' He also had goofy range of vocabulary like 'I looked like a 'ochimusha' (or fallen samurai), talking about his bad hair day. After two glasses of beer, I was buzzed enough to go home and start cauking the cracks in my bathroom. Sometimes I write these things trying to be funny, but above was all so true I think it's kind of funny. Now SOY is run by all girls' crew, which Diana puts it 'like starting a revolution.' On the news this morning: we're having a coldest May in thirty-something years. But I love the temperature which is the best for running. Slightly dump weather is also just perfect. We're having another busy month at SOY and thing's are pretty damn good.

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