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05/19/2005: "Shopping at the Plaza"

I was at the Plaza this morning for the auction sale. It actually not an auction since everything is tagged and priced already. The beautiful building felt already quite empty and quiet. Chairs stacked up. Towels and linens piled up. Most of the guest rooms only contained a bare bed. Sometimes a lamp, or a chair. I walked through their massive kitchen, now deserted except for a few flies enjoying decaying smell. It was a huge factory; entire basement was a kitchen. All the equipments there were way too big for my little kitchen. But of course I found some useful things and other things I have no idea what to do with. Like that little silver sugar bowl. I just thought it was cute. I resisted to maid's uniforms, but did get a bath towel with the Plaza logo. And maid's iron for $10. And some nice wine glasses. I'm sure they'll sell out everything soon after they open the door to public on Friday, even that very useless directories and TV channel guides. The Plaza is gone, but you can still own a tea cup with their logo on it.

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