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05/17/2005: "Royal dog"

I thought of the story about Royal dog Hachiko, who kept waiting for his master at a train station, since my neighbor's dog Winston faithfully keep coming to my door at closing at 11 pm every night, hoping to get a piece of croquette leftover. Then I had a revelation: Dogs are stupid. "It's not like I don't feed him or anything." His master Elliott says. But how many times he'd shout into Winston's ears, "No food for a dog!" every night Winston would sit there in front of my door, wagging his tail, and refuse to accept the fact that there's no more leftover since croquettes are only cooked to the order now. Well, Hachiko's story is cute and touching, but he was another stupid dog, who couldn't undone some information. Cats are forgetful and I like that. I'm pretty sure that my cat has totally forgotten about the backyard, birds, and insects she once chased around. The rooftop, fire escapes and stairs she used to run up and down. And of course the stupidest thing she's done that's so typical of stupid cats: climbing a big tree and realizing that it doesn't look easy to get down. She was stuck up in a tree once over night because she couldn't figure the way down. But she forgot about lots of stuff and happy runs back and forth in the apartment. Occasional appearance by a big brown waterbug would be an exciting treat. She won't mourn about not getting out to the roof anymore. By the way I didn't know that Hachiko was stuffed after his death, as in above picture. What a crazy thing Japanese do!

Nights feels still too chilly for May. But I'm sure we'll have enough of summer very soon. Only two more weeks to Memorial Day.

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