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04/15/2005: "a vision"

I had my doubts and maybe that was precisely why I wanted to try it. It was the 50-pound box of chopsticks I wanted to put up on the shelf. But having really no upper body strength, I had my doubts. I thought I may fall trying to put this monster on the top shelf in the kitchen, where we kept it before. I almost had a clear vision of myself falling from the ladder. But carefully I pulled the heavy box, and I was almost there. I had one end of the box on the shelf, and the ladder swayed slightly, and then not the ladder itself, but the whole shelving unit came off the wall in slow motion and collapsed on the floor with shutters of breaking bottles of mirin. Fortunately my kitchen is so small and I didn't have much room to fall myself. I was just stuck against the microwave. So I wasted much of the rest of the wednesday afternoon in cleaning and restoring the shelving.

Sometimes when I run by the Williamsburg bridge with sun behind me in the morning I see rainbow on the ground. This morning was one of these mornings, the road was shining like dark marble and I saw a round ring of rainbow around my head of my shadow as I ran. I don't know why it happens, but I think it's something to do with the sunglasses I wear on the run. It's funny though to see a ring of ray around my shadow like I'm a holy person or something.

This afternoon a writer from another Japanese magazine came and took some pictures of treasure sack, soy rice, and green tea soy smoothie I prepared for her. She enjoyed the food very much. She said I'll be featured in the next issue coming out in a few weeks.

Komuro san had good attendance this week, so did Tamura kun, my new neighbor upstairs. He was so taken by Akiko, and Daisuke and I teased her while closing up.

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