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March 2005

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03/31/2005: ""

The dishwasher has been a great new toy. But it is such an American machine. I cuts grease quite well, but it's not so tough fighting sticky Japanese rice. Unless we carefully rince them off before, they are still present on pots and plates after a wash, or they just end up on neighboring pots and plates. And how we love rice: there is hardly a day goes by without me having a bowl of rice. I hang a baby kimono on the wall which I just brought back from home. It was used for 'Omiya-mairi,' the occasion when my family visited a local shrine as a custom for a newborn. Since a month-old baby won't be big enough to wear a kimono, they just wrap a baby with this festive kimono. It looks so nice on the wall. The flowers in the window are still blooming. They have been the longest lasting cut flowers I've ever bought. Cute little white flowers. I want to get tulips at the green market this weekend.

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