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03/16/2005: "pictures of us"

My favorite people Mark and Noe were back in town from Chicago over the weekend, and they came for lunch last Friday. Their friend John took a Japanese picture, which he just sent me. Mark said SOY will be on their list of 'reasons to move back to New York.' I hope they move back and take more Japanese pictures with me. You can see how much fun we're having. In a Japanese picture, you must give peace signs, preferably with both hands, as shown below in a classic example of a picture of my friend Akiko I took on New Year's Day this year. It is also preferred that the background contains something meaningful, like Mount Fuji in this picture. It was doubly joyous and meaningful to see Mount Fuji since it was New Year's Day.

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on Thursday, March 17th, Akiko said

I donít know why We Japanese give a peace sign on a routine basis when we catch by the camera. Anyway, Is there anyone who gets typical Japanese style in Photo?
I am going to teach.

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