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March 2005

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03/12/2005: "SOY, home of famous Spicy Tuna & Avocado Bowl"

My new special has been creating quite a sensation since last week. It's "Spicy Tuna & Avocado Bowl." It's a fairy simple but pretty dish, with a bowl of sushi rice adorned with slices of avocado and chunks of spicy tuna on top. Many people who tasted this dish died upon tasting. It was described as "unbelievable," "so good," "oh my god," "insane." One girl said, "I feel like someone made this great food just for me." She was in a trance. Some people ordered the second round in one sitting. Many came back the next day to have more. They also sent their friends. These have been great rewarding moments for me. I've also created "Eel and Egg Bowl" and another personal favorite "Eel and Avocado Bowl" with ginger rice.

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