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March 2005

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03/08/2005: "back to winter"

Another weekly visit by snowstorm. Gushing wind keep pushing the door inside today, knocking out the flower on the table.

"Today is the anniversary of passing of my youth." My neighbor Elliot said yesterday. He meant it was his birthday. I said that was the most poetic way to put it.

I was thinking of Viveca, who was my teacher at SVA. She once said, "If we ought to write down everything that passes through our mind, we'll have a novel every day!" So I keep writing my novel today.

Akiro san was leaving his salon just now. His dog Noriko decided she didn't like to walk on the icy street. She just stood in the middle of the sidewalk, resisting his tug. Finally he decided to pick her up and walked on.

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