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February 2005

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02/24/2005: "please turn down the radio"

About seven o'clock this morning, someone's radio began blasting music outside my window and deprived precious last hour of my sleep. I tossed and turned, put earplugs, but couldn't really get back to sleep. I dragged myself out of bed and went out for my morning run. Felt pretty shitty. At the track, I thought it would be nice to run on the waterfront in the East River Park again. They don't seem to be doing much work to repair the promenade since they closed it off 4, 5 years ago. I also thought about the super baby, a little Chinese girl who used to run around the track for a half hour every morning. Did she get tired of running? Probably her parents and grandpa won't let her run in the cold. I came back home, and someone's radio was still going. When I went downstairs an hour later, I heard the radio get louder as I approached the door of SOY. I opened the door and confirmed it was my radio at the restaurant. I accidentally activated the timer yesterday. Silly me. Sorry neighbors. Flurries arrived around three o'clock in the afternoon, and turned into steady snow only an hour later. Looking forward to more shoveling tomorrow.

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