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February 2005

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02/19/2005: "no, I wasn't gonna sing that munchkin song"

A small person came to have lunch this afternoon. He was probably in his 40s. Pulled up in his big car right in front the restaurant. But then when he stepped out, I realized that he was a very small person. He wasn't even 4 feet. And he was on little crutches. When he walked in, I must say I was rather excited. My first small-person customer! But I thought it would be more polite not to show my excitement, so I behaved calmly. He had today's specials, pumpkin napa ginger soup and spicy tuna & seaweed salad. And two cups of soy coffee. He enjoyed the food, and said he'd come back. And left. I was wiping the table when he came back 30 seconds later. "I forgot to do something." Then left a nice tip on the table. "Don't let me leave without doing this." A nice small person.

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