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January 2005

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01/22/2005: "pay your bills"

Monday was Martin Luther King day. And I was freaked out. I had let my domain name registration expired the night before, which I really didn't realize. When I opened the home page on the web, "" was this generic placeholder, "future home of" I was freaked out. Then I realized my domain name was expired. When I got to my account with a registrar, "" was nowhere to be found. " was expired and cannot be renewed." was the message. Where did it go? I thought someone already snatched it up from my hand and waiting somewhere for me to come buy it back. Eventually I come across a company that says they can 'acquire' I clicked the botton, paid $50 on credit card, and 10 minutes later I was pretty sure I bought some service that didn't do anything for me. They didn't aquire nothing for me. What they meant was they may help me try to acquire some domain name. I was getting really worried. What if I cannot get it back? I registered "" as a back up. Then there was this 'backorder' thing that they'll make sure I'll be the first one to make an offer for the registration of '' But then they say after the domain name's registration expires, it will take at least 30 days for it to become available again. After some time of searching, I was able to find the little "reactivate" tab at the registrar. I wasted hours searching aching frustrating worrying. I'm sure I'll be paying the bill on time from now on.

I was playing Talking Heads this evening and Akiyo asked me if it was the Cure. I felt a generation gap between us. Yes it's freezing out. 8 degrees right now. Getting ready for the snow storm.

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